Question about gate guns vs security status

So I heard that agroing on a player that has -10 security status within range of gate guns in low sec space will not trigger the gate guns to shoot me even though the player has no suspect, criminal or limited engagement timers (just -10 sec status). I was wondering if if it’s accurate and if it is then is it just -10 or there are other factors. Basically… what is the “least” low security status my target needs to have in order for me to attack them on the gate and not take damage from gate guns.

Yes, it is true. You can freely engage players who have a security status lower than -5.0.

This applies to highsec as well, you won’t go suspect or criminal, but you will get a limited engagement between you and your target allowing him to shoot back without consequences too.

Thanks for a quick reply. So it’s lower than -5 or “-5 and lower”?. Also, does it matter if the system sec status 0.1 or 0.4 or is it the same for all? Also if my sec status is -10.0 does it have any effect on me attacking someone on the gate with -5 sec status or my sec status is completely irrelevant in this matter?

It is -5 and lower, although you’ll almost never encounter a player with exacly -5.0 security status. If you are unsure, then the default overview will show them as flashy with an orange skull. If you are using a custom overview, then you can set your own aesthetics for outlaws.

It apples to every system 1.0 all the way to 0.0

If your sec status is -10 then you will still take gate guns for attacking a non-valid target on a gate.

Non valid being -4.9 or higgher right? but other then that my sec status has nothing to do with me attacking someone on the gate, its only their sec status that I should worry about when engaging? Also I suspected that simular mechanic would apply to high sec as well as low sec. But is it still -5 in high sec too? For example a player with -4 will get attacked by NPC in 1.0 system but if I attack that player on a gate, I will take gate guns?

Anyone in between -5 to -10 is free to attack, FFA, free for all, anywhere.
Any one of these gets hunted by the faction police in all of highsec.

Any one above -5, up to 0.0, gets hunted by the faction police in highsec …
… if, and only if, one’s sec is equal to, or lower than -([system sec] - 0.5).

So if I was -4.5, sitting in space in a 5.0, would I be hunted?

-4.5 <= -(5.0-0.5)


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