-10 sec status in high sec

How can someone be sitting on a gate in high sec with a -10 sec status and not have the faction police on them?

In a ship or just in a capsule?

It’s only an exploit when it’s on the official list of exploits.

It was a ship, a Thrasher

Burn it, it’s a witch.

Skills :slight_smile: :smiley:


It is tethered to a structure, not “on the gate”

Faction police can be tanked😉

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Quick chokehold him to death !

I doubt it was on a gate.

You will mostly see them tethered close to the gate. Faction police will kill you as a -10.

If he’s in a ship, he can’t for more than a few secs. You’ve misunderstood something. Either he was only momentarily there, or he wasn’t really at the gate, but rather tethered at some citadel on grid with the gate as others have suggested.

Confirming. :smiley:

They could have been delayed,
or could have been far away if he bounced and they didn’t despawn.

there are loopholes one can exploit to do that, ive killed a few while expecting faction police/concord to show up. 1 guy in hek would do it nonstop. Ive been told by CCP it’s “impossible”

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it was 12km from me as i jumped a gate, in a 0.5 sec system, in a thrasher, not near a citadel, i noticed it because of the flashy skull in my overview and i wondered if they were going to try and gank me, but they didnt.

One loophole I discovered accidentally (this was involving faction police via FW, not sec status): if faction police spawn in pocket, then you move a few hundred million KM away in the same pocket, they will not follow you nor despawn-and-respawn within the same pocket, essentially making you invulnerable to them even if you just sit there for hours on end.

Still living off of the benefits of corrupt T2 BPOs should be considered an ‘Official Exploit’.

They were just on the gate for a few second coincidently when you landed. If you keep moving, you can stay ahead of the FacPo, bouncing from gate to gate. Staying on the gate is also safer as you can just jump out if another player tackles you, or you wait too long and the FacPo does.

They weren’t sitting in the gate indefinitely. Just for the few seconds you were there.

I think that is the most feasble option I think. his velocity was 0 but yeah could be just that second i was there

I was actually wondering about this, because I saw a player do this exact thing just a day or two ago. Not going to name names, but yes, they were full -10, and faction police was not spawning to attack them. Definitely feels like some kind of exploit is going on.