-10 sec status in high sec

I have heard that if faction police is on-grid that they will slowboat toward the target, rather than warping. Now that CCP has made the grid size YUGE, that could mean that you could move the FacPo around and not need to worry about them. I have never tried it myself.

There were no cops near the station, but I don’t discount the possibility that they were somewhere else on grid, and I didn’t notice them. If this is the case, it seems like a loophole they’ll get rid of (at some point).

Well, you can evade/kill/distract the FacPo and it isn’t automatically an exploit. They aren’t CONCORD.

I stumbled across one way long ago on the test server but it doesn’t seem to work anymore, although maybe I just don’t understand it fully. But whatever, if the OP just saw them while he was landing or warping, it probably was just someone bouncing gates.

There are ways.
Have been there for years.
Have reported a few myself years ago.
They’re not yet officially exploits.

Now that people are apparently overdoing it, though…

With enough repairs -10 characters can just sit there without any problems. Working as intended

In your case I would 100% agree with that.

In terms of the OP, go to Kaaputenen, observe Aaaaarrgg in operation, he will warp to the gate and then away after a short period of time so Fac police do not start shooting him. In fact a fun way to play against this player is to point him and let the Fac Police blow him up.

So everyone in the game is an exploiter now lol

Honestly, while probably one of the most efficient approaches,
it ultimately is also one of the most boring.

Literally the least interaction involved for both parties.

It is effective, but I am taking a leaf out of the gankers book actually, catch him jumping through gates and give him no chance. He could have sent a scout or went another way?

I know it is tedious for him as he ejects as soon as I point him now.

Well, I don’t care about the tedious part.
It’s not just very engaging for both sides.

But that’s the mechanics, I guess we’ll have to live with it until it changes.

Well that is the same as most of the victim of gankers, a point I have made many times in the past and I got insulted for it. I just did the same as gankers and gave him no chance.

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We, as in “you and me”, are active.
We could do something.
He, the target, in most cases, is not able to do anything, because he is afk.

It is not that he has no chance. It is that he is not there.
When he is not there, then even when he has a chance, he would not be able to use it.

There are many people who warp off just before they are getting ganked.
It happens. I usually don’t carry a scram.

They do have a chance.
When the targets are afk, though, they do not wish to use it.

Damnit Sol, stop making sense. You are distorting my view of gankers :crazy_face:

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That is an incorrect assumption. Aaaaarggghh and those freighter pilots are making the same mistake, they are not using a scout to check the next system.

Not when pointed they do not.

The assumption of AFK is in fact wrong on what I said.

Hm. I guess there are a few significant differences here.

I can only speak for my own targets.

Like, when I want to kill someone, I’m already well present on grid for a while.
Not using a scout means I’m not particularly surprising to anyone,
which seems to increase the odds of people getting away.

It does happen often enough. Like, when I spend twenty minutes laying bookmarks to reach an oddly placed target … which I enjoy, it’s nice … and then he warps off the moment I reach him.

That means he’s been waiting there for me. I like this. I mean, it’s super bothering, but that’s part of the equation. There would be no thrill if there wasn’t any danger of my targets escaping.