Faction Navy Behavior in highsec

Has the Faction NAVY (not police, not concord), the faction that attacks you if you are in FW, changed their behavior in the last 2 years? Do they, for example point now (they did not use to do that)?

They web. They always have webbed. They don’t point. They have never pointed.

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If you got pointed it wasn’t faction navy, but faction police which acts differently. AFAIK they cannot be killed and they cannot be tanked. They web+dump+warp disrupt+ecm+cap drain you.

Ok I tested it since then, they just web and neut. Same behavior as 2 years ago. No point or ECM.

can u tank them?

Faction Navy can be tanked and killed yes. After that however a new set will arrive shortly after, not 100% sure about the time you have maybe minute? Something like that IIRC.

Faction Police cannot, at least not solo. I managed to hold pretty long with hull tanked brutix navy issue, but because drones stops fighting and they orbit at 10km and 20km and they dump you to 6km it is extremely hard to get some damage on them. Even with cap bateries and sebos, I was still re-targetting like 20sec which meant I got ECMed by another ship again or neuted to 0cap by the time I locked the target. Maybe if neutral logi helped you could tank it, no idea what happens if logi interferes.

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Then it would no longer be “neutral” logi.

In my setup I can tank them for a while, you can also kite them with (MJD) to some extend. Spawn (dps) depends on security. A dedicated tank fit can tank them quite long i suppose, my fit is hit and run

The Faction Navy in FW can be tricked to never attack you…in any system. I have just relayed the trick to RIOT member in Villore only last night which took me a week to figure out a year or so ago. I did check with CCP if it is an exploit or not but they confirmed it was not.
It will take you about 10-15 mins to use the trick and they will never attack you as long as you dont dock etc.
This is only known to a few people in Eve and is because of some old code left in the game that cannot be changed.
I have tested this myself and can confirm it will work if you want to play FW in high sec in easy mode.

Well that’s one way to get us all hungry for information. It wouldn’t ever use this, but I just want to know about out mechanics lol.

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