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I’ved read that if you get attacked in a low sec system, Concord will not intervine, with the exception of areas in the vicinity of gates and stations where the buildings automatic defense systems will automatically attack any aggressor, but yesterday i’ved got popped in my Imicus at a gate site in low sec, and the atacking player didn’t get targeted by the gates automatic defenses, so can someone please clarify how do npc security mechanics actually work in low sec systems ? Also is there any strategy to avoid being killed at the gate if it is camped ? Is the Imicus fast enough to decloack and warp out before being popped, or is it a death sentence to pass through a camped gate ? Thanks…

Are you sure? They probably were shot by the gate guns, it’s just that they were prepared for it. Even in highsec, where CONCORD is guarenteed to shoot and explode an attacker, there is no guarentee they will do so before the attacker explodes you.

Passing through a gate camp without a cloak is difficult. You need to lower your align time to sub- 2 seconds to reliably do so, and below 1s to be essentially sure to escape. One popular strategy is to scout the gate first - do so in a pod (they warp instantly) and if there is someone camping, go around.

Also, having a travel fit while moving might be an idea. Fit Warp Core Stabilizers and agilitiy mods to increase your chances of getting through. For exploration, that probably should be all you fit in the lows, although I let the expert explorers out there to recommend specific fits.


You can move safely through low sec in at least 2 ways: with align time under 2 seconds, or using the MWD-cloak II trick. With the last one I have even hauled Orcas through low sec and survived camps.
The gate sentry guns do fire but prepared players know this and can fit to tank them, they are weak and only dangerous to frigates and destroyers afaik.


There is a difference. Gate guns are not concord.

  • Concord is inescapable, and will always blow up your attacker (this takes time, so possibly he kills you first.)
  • Gate guns will shoot your attacker, applying some serious dps. However, a well tanked ship can tank this, and since the gate guns do not point, an agressor can warp away thereby losing gate gun aggro (and possibly return and continue shooting you.)

A low sec gate camp is usually set up to be able to deal with gate gun dps, either through strong buffer tanks, local reps or logi on field.


Thank you all for your replies, it is usefull to know all fo this… What about low sec stations? Can they be also camped as the gates are?

Yes on the NPC stations players can wait to grab you while (un)docking. Make warp out bookmarks if you have to visit them regularly. The player owned stations allow tethering which makes it save to do when they show up in your overview with docking rights.

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