Gate Camping

Hi o/

I’m trying to understand Gate Camping.

Does GC happen only in Low/Null or can it happen in HiSec also?

If it happens in HiSec, doesn’t the gate camper immediately get blapped by CONCORD since a bunch of them are circling the gates non-stop ?

How fast do the gate campers get blapped in LowSec?

Gate campers use all sorts of modules to immobilize their preys… Is there a way to escape once your ship is caught and unable to move?

I know that pretty much everything is allowed in EVE. I read that some people even steal ships and modules from their corporation and can make with hundreds of millions or billions of isk… Is that an acceptable part of playing EVE in your opinion ?

but what do you think about Gate Camping and those who adopt that play? Do you love it? Hate it? Don’t care?

Thank you for helping me understand that part of the game. I haven’t yet run into a gate camper.

I appreciate everyone’s opinion.

And a big THANKS to the Devs for working on such an awesome game!


hello, and welcome to EVE Online

yes, it happens also in high sec… Can be between sides in the war against each other… Also can be as suicide ganking operations at the gates in HS.

In high sec there is timers and i strongly suggest your to get an idea about these time frames i will snip some veryimportant details for you from EVE Uni web page :heart:

if you would like to read whole mechanics and info source is here :

There is NO CONCORD in low sec… low sec mechanics are different. There is only some sentry guns around stations and gates… but they can be tanked easy anything bigger than a frigate and even some very tanky frigates and can be easily manipulated by resetting the aggaro and warp back… I suggest you to join a PVP oriented corporation to learn these fine details…

Yes they use warp scrambles and warp disruptors… as well as bubbles in null-sec. it is not possible to drop warp bubbles in high sec and low sec. And yes there is some different methods to tackle this issue… Again you need to learn mechanics i would say for example… warp core stabilizers but these modules have strength values to destabilize warp scramble and disruptors… one destabilizer module and remove effect of 1 disruptor ( Warp disruptor strength 1 to to tackle destabliser 1 … but fail to disable one warp scramble ( warp scramble stenght is 2 ) depends on modules ect a lot. … and if there is a big fleet and you tackled by so many gankers… there is a very slim chance you have enough modules in your low slots… plus… you waste lot of low slots for a useless thing …

Other thing if you have time and if you can keep cool you can burn back to gate and take the gate back… since others already get a weapon timer they will not be allowed to activate gate next one minute gives you enough time to gtfo. Or if you are in low sec you can hold your cloak… see what they are doing if they are about jump or they stay and camp there then you can check your re-spawn point and your ships alignment and try to warp to a direction on the way of your ships head ( that at least save you from wasting seconds with alignment time before you reach out to warp speed which is #/¤ of your maximum speed… if you reach out that speed before you get tackled you are in warp…
there is some more things to do… actually, my all answers here might seem to you loads of info… but believe me… this is a froum post and im giving you some info pretty from the surface… all these mechanics need to be acknowledged groundly by all eve players …

EvE Online is extremely realistic gameplay. Thas what makes EVE online different than many other games out there… and that’s also the reason player base average age is around 30 years old… Acknowledging and handling this game requires definitely kind of maturation and understanding… Stealing cheating and all kind of things also happen in real life too. in Eve Online there is no moma or police or army to protect you everybody can get back on you… There is many other games you are going around with guns and “MURDERING PEOPLE” .this is a simulation world that some ethical values are undermined … It’s in the nature of the universe… Being part of it or against it is your choice…You don’t have to love it you don’t have to respect it… but you have to respect that in this simulation those behaviors are allowed as legit gameplay style … so you need to respect all different play styles you need to be able to separate these aspects… some players just approach this despise and turn their face instead of learning these and be aware …They are assuming this will keep them away from that kind of people… that’s wrong … that only makes them easy targets …
Best pressi you can give to gate campers after you lose your ship is… writing curses ■■■■-talking and write to local and mails full of hatred and bad words… When you do that you are not only giving them killmails but you also give them a permanent written thropy and proof of salt …
You need to learn how to keep it cool and give good fights or good gangs in local… learn the lesson and them moove on.

You can take this only from your perspective and tell and do whatever you want … but you need to consider there is 2 sides in this … what you are trying to do or show won’t reflect the way you have been wishing … you wont hurt them but just please them even more …

if you would like to talk in more detailed we can talk in-game and comms … more effective… and the best way is to learn these things in-game by playing with vets … Learning mechanics fittings tactics is not really enough to keep exist and enjoy this extremely complicated game…

I have tried to talk to you in game … i remember you …
I think… most important think i can tell you… more imprtant that your question up there you ask…

first you need to be flexible… not stagnant not stick on one or two criterias… and especially insignificat ones… that will ruin your game from the first minute… and please dont make decisions without having enough information … Thats your weakness…take this as ground feedback … you are judging and cutting connection with people who wants to help you truly… and pushing them to uphill in fact they have no neccesity to do that for you …
that makes you easy target for wrong people also…

wish you good luck o/


answer for that question of yours :

High Sec and New Player Experience Are Tied - Make a change CCP

i have wote this post some time ago in eve forums … answer is there

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Yes we have chatted in game :slight_smile:
I really appreciate your chat invitation and letting me say hi to the corpmates. Nice bunch really.

I didn’t “cut connection” like hang up on you or anything of that sort. I had nice chat with a few players and needed to get off my butt and help my son.
I hope you didn’t take my need to think things over and/or refuse to be part of your corporation the wrong way. My answer was nothing personal on your end.
I’m so new in EVE that I feel I need to take my time to:
Explore New Eden and see for myself.
Explore the different playstyles available.
Explore the different careers.
Learn things for and by myself even if I’ll lose more ships in PvP/PvE/Battles… I can afford it.
Realize what kind of sandbox EVE truly is.

I understand that perfectly. It’s truly appreciated and a big part of why I love this game and its community.
You are not the only corporation head I’m chatting with and certainly not the first or last.
I have time to make those kinds of decisions and I’m sure you can appreciate that a new player won’t jump head-first into anything long-term before having thoroughly thought the matter through.

I wouldn’t do that. I don’t mind losing ships. As I said, I can afford it and want to learn from my losses instead of being given everything for free.
The things we get for free we do not value.
The best way I learn is by making mistakes and remembering those mistakes for the next time where I’ll make more mistakes and learn more from those.

Yes. I understand. And from the angry posts I’m reading on the forum I understand that CCP is unpredictable and have their own agenda for the game that often leave players bereft of meaningful choices, disarmed and unprepared if they had counted on the game’s environnement and mechanics to stay the same.
EVE is a bit like real life in the sense that you never know what will happen next and that a seemingly good idea may turn out to be a big mistake.
That’s also why, like in real life, I want to take my time before I decide on an important course of action.
I’ve learned that, most of the time, doing nothing is better than making a mistake.

All part of why I love EVE :hugs:

THANK YOU so much for your thoughtful and detailed reply :gift_heart:

If you have no helpful reply, I would appreciate you not troll New Citizen Q&A.
That’s what General Discussion section is for. Go seek attention there, please.

Only been in the forum for a week, and already telling us what we can and can’t do…


Well okkk bit more than realistic … so it sucks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not “telling”. Just asking with pretty please.

Well he is learing fast i have to admit that ! Also he is good at asking RIGHT questions … Also he is ballsy to warn people who doesnt act suitable to forum context and rules so thumbs up for @Chelidonis_II :+1:

Wish all new pliots ask that right questions in the begining of the game… instead of get in clueless and rage quit clueless!

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Sorry, I’m SHE, not HE :slight_smile:

Realistic that the ships decelerate faster vertically than horizontally?
That a small fgrigatte can bump away a freighter?
That I can’t even determine my own orbital axis?
That drones sometimes fly faster than missiles?
That the item handling in the containers is a cramp? (try to make contract from, or sell order.)
That the rules can be changed at the whim of CCP, but they talk about sandbox?

Which of these is realistic?

Not quite as serious, but still.

Realistic that at every supermarket exit there is a robber who can kill you every 15 minutes?
Realistic that there is a robbery squad at every main travel route? Boh, I wouldn’t want to live in your country if all that is realistic.
Realistic that you can fall victim to the scamm everywhere?
That you can not even turn off the gambling advertising?

I could certainly go on and on.

me too… first thing you need to learn about EvE …Girls are very rare…Girls who make PVP even rarer… being good at it??? … uuuh baby … Leading a big community ???. awwwwn…

so you are “HE” until you open your mouth and begin to talk! :slight_smile: OKII?

i wonder how i haven’t grown a dick in eve online over 10 years… :slight_smile: Everybody calls you he and makes smack talks about your dick and balls which doesnt exist … at some point you get used to soo badly that you don’t even bother or think about correcting it :joy:

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also i didnt get why you cannot determine your orbital i do it everyday lol … that is not realistic… what you say …
learn the game… learn the rules… helps… :slight_smile:
in chess horse goes L thats the rule… what are you arguing about?

orbital Axis

you can only determine the radius, not even the direction in which you turn

You need to join my classes :slight_smile: there you can see how we are doing it… i can orbit anything flying in space constantly moving sporadically and every dimension between 2 km fail range … like i can hold my target which flying 1800 m/s at 19 km to 21 km or 22-23 km effortlessly orbit tease and depends on my range and damage i take i can pull more come close and dance the way i want … … i do it online in classes while streaming when i m showing academy cadets… so you more than welcome …
you are badly wrong :slight_smile:
also about drones :slight_smile: they have little flying ships without a pilot they have micro warp drives :slight_smile: something normal missiles don’t have :slight_smile: also, they are pretty light comparing to ships… their speed drastically drops when they begin to orbit … also since they have MWD you can web and scram them and screw them up easily :slight_smile:

about the rest of the harassment and danger… every day hundreds of people living in conditions in some 3. wold countries between drug dealers and cartels … you are right… EVE is not realistic… we are not really dying there we are not losing our children in our arms … And yes in real life … we are not get scammed … and police waiting there ready to warn us on top of the left shoulder to stop the scammer and arrest it before we get scammed …
ah also thanks for axis lesson :crazy_face:

Fair enough o7

You absolutely have the right mindset to have a lot of fun in EVE. Don’t let anyone rush you or make you feel like you are ‘doing it wrong’ if you want to experiment, explore, and in general experience any/every part of the game. Keep asking questions and testing out the answers; nothing reinforces data retention so well as actually putting what you are learning to use!

Good luck and have fun out there!


There is not so many places in eve you can be truly comfy.
. I would say i enjoy most R1FTA and Tuskers as a community. Very decent people. Havent been in but EVe Uni also very well moderated… and of course RVB is an absolute peace place for me.Love forever !.. those 3 group descent… i can say first hand i have tried so many corps in eve … one of them the second i open my mouth and say hi in discord they told og girls playing this gamee ?. Disgusting i won’t play anymoooore ! Then kicked … sadly… lot of stuff like that …
Since smack talk part of eve and not punishable … I suggest you to take this under consideration as criteria too… Because so many doesn’t really aware about their limits… and dont mind to share their fantasies,

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I have been having fun since Aurora said “… Once you undock, I believe the colloquialism is ‘All bets are off’” I thought omg :joy: I’m hooked.

Thank you for reinforcing my feelings about that. After all, it IS a sanbox. I don’t see the point of doing it like everyone else and treading the oft-beaten path.
How did that person put it in that video I watched about PvP… Oh yes “F1 monkey”. No thanks.

100% :hugs:

Yesterday I killed 10 NPCs and got me 25,000 SP. It felt good to earn them!

Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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This sometimes may be right in RL because of severe consequences … however it’s IMO the total wrong approach for EvE as a game. Trying stuff and fail, repeat, learn from it, is the best way to get confidence and experience. Of course don’t be a fool and go all in, calculating risks is evenly important. Wage cheap ships, and don’t be afraid of losing them. Death and destruction is (unlike RL) only part of an equation in EvE.