Low-sec gate camping with hic+fighters

Hey all. I’d like to bring up some thoughts about the gameplay around hictors camping low sec gates with fighters. It’s my opinion this is completely broken. For example, a Bustard with native +2, +1 wcs, mwd-cloak cannot run this gate. You get decloaked by fighter swarms and infini-pointed by a cruiser that can tank gate guns, there is no counter to this. To be clear these are citadel fighters. No carriers on-grid, extremely low risk, you are virtually guaranteed a km as the aggressor/s

is this a HTFU moment? or is there more to unpack here?

I think there are a number of gate camp ship compositions that are nearly impossible for a single ship to get through. The first counter that comes to mind is an even larger fleet taking them out- but that’s not always going to happen.

The other 3 options that I’ll always consider:

  1. Go around, avoid that system
  2. Go through at a different time (very few gate camps during weekday, off hours)
  3. Using a scout

I’ll be interested to hear feedback from others- in case there’s something I’ve missed.

This is, indeed, an HTFU moment.


I mean… scouts. Better yet. A Griffen scout so if you’re still dumb enough to jump through that gate he can permanently jam the fighters.

Congrats you have now countered a multi billion gate camp with less than 10 mil.

In six years I have lost 5 t2 transports. 3 of them in null and only two in ls. Each time because I screwed up.

The most recent was do to a cloaked arazu cynoing in 4 carriers who’s fighters de cloaked me.

I ■■■■■■ up by waiting to see what was going on giving the carriers plenty of time to watch for where I Decloaked from.

If a Carrier or a hic is on grid there is no way I’m jumping that gate.

Thank you for the replies, I appreciate the ability to have this discussion. wouldn’t using ecm trigger the gate guns? I’ve considered ecm burst as a counter, but that gives a timer. Does using ecm in low sec give aggression? Would a frigate be able to tank gate guns?

To clear a few things up in this specific instance I am referring to citadel fighters, the fighters do not do damage, they are used as a swarm to decloak ships on the gate.

If the fighters engaged first you don’t go suspect.

And a dst can tank citadel fighters for more than long enough.