Overkill Struc fighter range

Can we discus the fact, groups are able to risklessly use fighters to de-cloak (and is uncounterable) cloaky haulers with fighters FAR to far away from the actual station its self? Why is this? There is no counter for this… “game play” Seems abit unfair?

The counter to this is to incentivise someone to destroy the structure. It can’t warp away. It is a commitment of resources and therefore I think you can call that taking a risk. It falls to you to make them regret that risk by whatever in game means are at your disposal.

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No one single player is going to be able to take something like that from a entity such as snuff, or dock workers. let alone convince any other block to whip it out. and even if you did. itd be right back the next day. achieving nothing. So no, i wouldnt count that as a “counter”
the issue is its to easy for them to do this. with no realistic counters.

And ontop of that. Im no idiot (for the most part). i pre scouted the lowsec obv its normaly camped. or was when i used to go threw it. its been a looong time sence iv moved my own stuff.
So when i seen the fighters on the gate, and nothing else. first thing that poped into my head was… idiot carrier pilot. untell they instantly moved to my location after re-cloak and a phobos decloaks.

Id put this in the same bucket as alowing and IBIS to light a cyno. TBH

Is there a question in there somewhere. This doesnt belong in new player q & a

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Hmm, as long as it’s not my hauler, I like that idea.
Cloaking should not be too powerful to get lazy.

What they’re doing is investing a lot of hardware and manpower to counter one guy in a cloaky hauler. This seems fair to me. Their ships and fighters are not invincible, and they’re not free. You can’t say there’s ‘no counter’ and then pull some slight of hand to say the counter to an alliance or two interdicting a jump gate has to be realistically achievable by one guy and his scout alt. Countering a force generally requires a proportional force brought to bear to successfully counter. How you get it is up to you.

I’m going to assume that just going around is prohibitive, but there’s also the ‘counter’ of paying someone else to haul your goods to the destination system, or making friends with someone who’s better at running a blockade than you are. You could negotiate with the corporation or alliance interdicting the gate, you could vow to spy on them and leak information to their enemies, or infiltrate them and take them out from the inside over a masterful multi year plan. There are lots of ways to deal with this problem, but not without work, friends, cost, or a combination of two or more of these things. A problem you haven’t solved yet is an aspirational goal, if you have the right attitude to succeed in this game.

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Crap thats my bad. i thought i picked pvp or somthing. i was abit tired when i made this.
but i guess itd be, is this gameplay really fair? given that there isnt a viable counter?

Counter measure: Bait with the Indu, bring a fleet, make them run.
It’s more fun in a group, you know.

The problem is. A issue of scale, one man puts down a astra giving him the ability to cut off 2 trade hubs ALONE and has a entire group of nerds defending it when someone comes to take the station out. No one single player can counter another single player using this meta to expose haulers. its just unfair, in scale. Yes iv allready put a bounty over 10 billion on each station kill in that system.
Yes im allready infiltrating white sky, been pitting some of there directors agenst eachother for abit now but its not really working.

There is no man power behind that. Like i said in the last post. One man puts that station down, and can cut off trade routs alone. After that, all it takes is a ping to defend it. he probably doesnt even have to log in to defend it. Its disgusting.

That’s much…
Why don’t you pay mercenaries for some fun? I think they are less expensive.

There trying to make people butthurt, or farm salt. what ever these lowlifes do.
So rather then giving them salt. ill just flex the simple fact i have more alts then some notable corps. and would rater control gas/ice prices then fight them.

It seems that a structure managed actively by a multi-person corp can’t be taken down by 1 person, right? Likewise as others said, if you want to do something about it, try talking to others and see if they want to take it down, since that seems more appropriate than calling for a nerf on another mechanic which isnt broken

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