Heads up for exsploration in null and WH users!

Just come across new hunting tactic to hunt exsploration vessels

Set up, they used
Pre scan site
cloak up next to (hack or analysis container) in interdictor or heavy interdictor
They had fast lock Loki as well

Sprung the trap
Unsuspecting ship (my alt) comes in to run site goes to hack the trap container
De-cloak and bubble by interdictor
De-cloak Loki and blap
Profit! (For them)

Thank you for your time
Shen she

LOL Not at all new. But thanks for the warning anyway.

Proves 2 things:

  1. Never warp to zero on anything.
  2. If you have a cloak use it when approaching!

ps- Not just null but lowsec too.

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I like the way you are thinking…

But bait is as New Eden as Fedo Pie.

This is nothing special. As a precaution you could try MWDing to and past the node so that even if they are there you’re going too fast and you can zip right out of interdiction/scram range if anyone decloaks. Or send drones to the node first. I don’t fly nothing too fancy anyway and that’s more precaution than I care to exercise personally. It also behooves you to have dscan set to detect wrecks, depots and the like. That can let you know if someone is in the system.

Usually people just waltz up to you and decloak and try and catch you off guard. I have a 3 second warp time and I’m always aligned before I start hacking so I just hit warp and I should be gone before their targeting delay timer expires. Attentiveness is our only defense. The really unfair thing is people using stealth bombers which, for some reason, have no target delay after decloaking. Their role as bombers do not require a target lock so there is no reason for them to have this special bonus. This effectively makes them better tackle than actual tackle ships (i.e. intercepters). A bomber in conjunction with another ship is practically a guaranteed kill save against a venture or the like with a warp stab. Even then you have to hope they lack a faction module. I’d go so far as to say it’s sanctioned cheating as there is no defense against this whatsoever that I can think of outside of the venture thing. Maybe an oversized AB on one of the more agile ships, like the Jovian ones. Although you’d need to be able to survive long enough to get out of scram range.

If you’re in a cloakable warping ship stay at least 3km off the silo so you can cloak if someone approaches (and hopefully before they lock).

It’s interesting that you think that being able to tackle someone without a cloak delay is “cheating,” but being able to warp out without being tackled 100% of the time because of a sub-3-second align time isn’t cheating.


How is my survival cheating? The only alternative is that I always get caught. Attentiveness is the only defense we have. I have to be constantly aware at all times. I have to go through procedures and set myself up to be able to hack and warp away with a click (during which I’m quite vulnerable if someone is already there cloaked). I have to hack while checking DSCAN and overview constantly. The aggressor does not. They pick the time and place and just waltz in and shoot their shot at their leisure. And that 3s warp time is from me hitting the warp, not including server delay and the inherent delay of human reaction time. Because I’m always going to be the one surprised and lose seconds before I react. The last person who tried assured me it was very close. Attentiveness is the only defense we have. If we don’t even have that, what’s the point? And I’m not guaranteed to get away 100%. That would require infinite warp core strength. I can get distracted by the minesweep game, cargo scanning the nodes, fiddling with speed, distance from the node or any other thing. And I’m the only one really at risk. I’ve never encountered a waiting trap which would be fairly difficult to escape save for quick thinking and luck (or attacker incompetence).

I can’t duke it out. I have no room for defense modules (not that it would matter if scramed). If I can’t escape I automatically lose. If a cloaked interdictor catches me by surprise I don’t have much hope unless they haven’t training their skills up properly and/or they are incompetent. Aggressors should be at a disadvantage, but that’s not how EVE works. The aggressor has all the advantages. They pick the targets, set the time and the place for when and how the encounter happens. They require the least amount of effort to achieve their goal. I have to be actively aware at all times even if nobody is there.

Being able to arrive on grid, fly over to someone - all while undetectable - and decloak and instantly target is objectively unfair advantage on top of the inherent advantage of being the aggressor. To deny this would be simply dishonest.

How is someone tackling you cheating?

No, you have many other alternatives, both active and passive.

For example, you can send in an expendable alt into the site to test the waters and see if it gets attacked. If it doesn’t, then you have an additional degree of assurance of safety, assuming that past that point you watch for scan probes to ensure someone doesn’t follow you in after you start working. You can even send in something like a cheap insured cruiser with smartbombs, which will uncloak everything within tackle range.

Or you can field a combat ship, and be prepared for the possibility of intervention, so that you can fight your way out. I lived in wormholes for a really long time (even on this character), and I mostly employed this strategy. I don’t think I ever lost an exploration ship this way. You can even use setups that specifically enable you to escape after aggression happens, like neutralizer-heavy high slots and dual propulsion mods.

Yeah, they do. They have to constantly be aware of the potential for interference by other parties, or for the possibility that the explorer is actually a trap. As a hunter, over half of what I did was counter-intelligence work. Setting up the kill is only a single part of PvP success.

The real issue is that you carebears never learned how to fight, so you aren’t aware of all the various strategies you can employ to ensure your safety. As such, you try to rely on 100% avoidance, and then complain about the game having game mechanics that make 100% avoidance impossible (because it would be utterly imbalanced if that were the case, and at that point CCP might as well implement a PvP toggle into the game).

You suck. Play better.

I’d say they rely on luck, hoping they’re safe. But yeah…

I suck so bad I’ve never been caught. I’m sure the right pilot will come along one day and catch me at the right time, but I’m pretty good at what I do. Very attentive. I’m always looking. Sorry, but if I’m constantly on the lookout and you can just waltz up while I’m actively looking that’s objectively unfair as a game mechanic. Period. They should at least have a 2s delay to account for human reaction time. I’m sure one of these bomber types is going to catch me eventually. I only brought it up because a manticore tried and failed in what could only be some mishap on his end. Can his signature analysis skill be that low? Analyzing the situation after the fact I can see no way I could avoid a competent player in a bomber.

None of your suggestions are practical. Go in and lose another ship? What? :laughing: You’re essentially admitting I’m right. Like i could just carry a whole cruiser in my cargo hold when I’m out in the middle of nowhere. And your second suggestion essentially amounted to, “Don’t explore. Do combat.” If I wanted to do PvP combat I would not be scanning down data sites with a scanning fit. I mean, really. There is FW for that. When I step into a scan fit probe I’m not there to fight. Same as if a person hopes into a mining fit venture. If I was looking to exchange fire, I wouldn’t be in a probe now would I? In which case, if I did fly an astero or whatever, they, being the attacker, get to make the decision on whether to attack or not. Because the ball is always in their court. A bomber likely would avoid an astero if solo. You can just look at a ship, like say a venture or exploration ship, and see if it has turrets/missiles or not to assess it’s capability. They can land on grid cloaked and look the target over. Check their zkill fro trap fits. Does the venture have 2 mining lasers going or one? What’s the other slot being used for? Oh, look, a blaster - avoid. A probe got 4 mid slots: Prop, Data, Relic and Cargo Scanner. You can tell what people have equip by simply waiting and watching. You can check zkill to see history. Attackers have all the advantage. And they are attacking in the first place because they have assessed they have the advantage. I know this from experience.

But all that nonsense is beyond the point. The point is, it is highly unfair. It’s like if a titan could doomsday people from the other side of the solar system. There would be no counter. And maybe you’d be here arguing that it’s perfectly fine. And you’d have every right to not care how unfair it was. But there is a reason targeting delays exist in the first place. I feel CCP just kind of overlooked bombers for some reason. Not sure what they had in mind initially, but it makes no sense at present. Why not get ride of targeting delay across the board? I see you’re getting into strawman and personal attack territory. I’ve never done anything to you and I don’t feel I disrespected you in any way so I don’t know where the hostility is coming from. I don’t get into petty squabbles. I’m objectively correct in this instance so I see no reason to go back and forth arguing to convince a stranger that fire is hot. If you’re okay with it being mechanically unfair and don’t care, that’s your prerogative. But don’t take jabs at me for not liking unfair mechanics. I will be muting this discourse. I have a zero tolerance policy for toxic personalities who try to start unhealthy arguments for the sake of drama. Have a nice day.

This is well known. People cloaking near a container and playing the waiting game until someone is hacking the container. Then they decloak, scramble you and kill you.

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Holy crap, Destiny. Little harsh there?

You just said the counter and other people have suggested even more.

Sometimes your number is up and you get blapped.

Learn to EVE kthx.

So be the attacker :smiley:

That’s a lot of words just to tell someone that you feel entitled to separate the PvP and PvE components of the game into two distinct parts so that you can engage in the latter without having to deal with the former.

If you don’t want to deal with the threat of getting tackled by stealth bombers, here’s a novel idea for you: do exploration content in high-sec. Or, at the very least, in low/null-sec systems that are empty. The added danger is why the content in those areas of space is worth more.

Let me make an example for you: suppose I want to make some money doing PvE content. I can choose between a wormhole site and running some level 3 mission in high-sec. Now, if upon thinking of the prospects of doing the wormhole site my hands start shaking, my teeth start clacking, and urine is involuntarily expelled from my bladder, I am going to speak to my level 3 mission agent, and proceed to kill some Guristas in a 0.8 system for 2,300,000 ISK and a handful of loyalty points. But if I slap myself a few times, take a swig of some cheap blended Scotch, and put on my big-boy pants, I will go into the wormhole, where I can get attacked at any second, and take a stab at the Sleeper anomaly for a cool 20 million ISK in profits.

Why you should be excused from having to make a similar choice is completely beyond my comprehension.

You did, you just don’t know it.

Players like you have been ruining this beautiful game since its early days with your incessant whining for more safety, bigger rewards, and the ability to play the game without touching the keyboard or looking at the monitor.

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I do understand your disgust for the whinging carebear element that should be playing My Little Pony Online

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If people think I’m being mean, let’s quickly go through what just happened here:

We have a person who complained that being tackled by stealth bombers is “cheating,” bragged about not ever taking a loss because they play attentively, and upon being given advice on how to counter this particular tactic, voiced their entitlement to not have to take proactive combat measures in a PvPvE environment because they’re there strictly for the PvE component. There’s literally no other way to interpret that as anything but a request for the game to be changed so that they don’t need to be so attentive anymore.

It’s disgusting.

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Part of the fun for me in WH is the danger.

Hell, when I first came back I ninja huffed for lulz and barely escaped with 2 mil worth of gas.

Some of the best 2 hours I spent in game.

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BELIEVE ME, DC, I do understand.
I’m in my early 60’s now, and I grew up in a very different world. When I was 6, and having trouble learning to swim, my father picked me up and threw me into the deep end of the pool. And I learned.

The world was once far less tolerant of weakness and refusal to try.

So when you say, essentially, “HTFU”, I understand why.
If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay up on the porch.

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All Im going to say is,