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Hi :slight_smile: new here, playing for just a few days. I love exploring space but I’m not into fighting, blowing up others of being blown up myself. how can I play this game without anyone attacking me in all sectors? I don’t even put weapons on my ship and keep loosing it when it gets blown up for the second time. its really frustrating not to be able to enjoy such an amazing game. don’t want to be limited to just the “safe” area’s of the map, want to explore distant places in safety. is that even possible or possible after many years of playing and gaining so much power that its possible not to use it and others can’t hurt me?

Stay in High Security space

Be advised that even then you are not 100% safe from PvP interaction.

In principle no area is “safe” in an absolute sense: it’s all about the risks you are happy to run for the benefits you are willing to gain. In general the lower the risk the lower the reward.
Sort of.

So, a general bullet list of guidance you can ignore or follow or ask “what in blue hazes is he talking about??”

  • High-sec is generally “safer” but has a lower likely reward - exploration sites have low value loot in them. It is only in high-sec space that CONCORD will respond and blow up the ship of your attacker - this is punishment, it’s not meant to save your life!
  • Everywhere else you can be attacked with relative impunity. If you see someone then assume that they are not friendly. They may not attack you, but you can’t assume that they won’t.
  • It therefore follows that the quieter bits of space, those less well travelled, are likely to be safer. Being the only person in a system in nul-sec space is safer than being in a busy bit of low-sec or high-sec space. Of course, if someone appears in local then “they may not be your friend”.
  • There is no local chat in wormholes (unless someone posts and “being not seen is nicer”). D-scan is your friend. Learn how to use it and use it regularly (wear the button out!). If you see probes on the overview that also means someone in the system - they are either looking for you or the same thing as you.
  • Wormholes systems with links to near busy bits of normal space (say within a few jumps of a trade hub) are likely to be busier than one which is just linked to other wormholes or to a remote bit of high-sec. Of course, you don’t actually know how busy or not a hole is - you may have just arrived in the middle of The Wormholers Convention and Dance Night - d-scan is still your friend.
  • The loot in wormhole systems are similar to those in nul-sec. but getting in and out of null is more awkward as you may need to traverse bottlenecks where the “hunters” lie waiting.

Some useful links:
Can I warp to this? Safety Guide
Wormhole identifiers
Wormhole Systems

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I often play like that myself: noncombat exploration is quite fun and lucrative.

The trick to play without people attacking you is to know exactly how people can attack you, pay attention and make sure you warp away before they can catch you!

Does that mean you have to pay attention to other players even if you do not wish to fight? Yes, because those other players often do want to fight, so it is up to you to not get caught.

Yes, it’s possible.

I explore in null sec and if I play well, I basically cannot get caught.

You will need a few skills for your character and also knowledge about the game, it’s not so much about power.


thank you all for your answers, that helped :slight_smile:
now to start over once again :upside_down_face:

I mean…

But eve is not a game built with any idea of actual safety. You’re best bet is to lose ships remember why, even ask the guy who killed you if they can give you an idea of where you messed up.

Experience is the best defence.


That’s fine. Every pilot in the EvE world contributes to it’s vibrance. Do try different things, though. You might find you like other things too…even…fighting maybe…or the various PvE things available…one of the many different activities EvE has to offer, anyway.

The group ‘Signal Cartel’ might be of interest to you. They have a public channel you could check out if you wanted.
Also you might like the site https://evetravel.wordpress.com/

You can’t…well mostly now… Really, the risk of it being possible to be attacked anywhere - and in some places it being more likely to virtually guaranteed people will try - is integral to what EvE is and keeps things more interesting.
Make your own safety. Be aware…always pay attention. Be sneaky and slippery. As an ‘explorer’, cloaking devices are good, but go for being able to use the Covert Ops Cloaking Device - it’s a literal gamechanger.
You are like a prey animal, you will survive…and hopefully prosper…by outwitting others. ‘Getting away with it’ is fun. Remember, though - you will get blown up. Especially at first when you are learning your craft in cheap ships. Never complain. Learn from it instead.
Practice scanning sites and the can opening minigame in relatively safer (but not totally safe, keep in mind) high security space. Watch videos, read stuff about exploring. Learn about ways to travel safer in riskier areas of space (maybe look up OUCH - Open Universty of Celestial Hardship). Any time you spend learning about things is going to increase your enjoyment of your game.

Have fun and always remember:

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I can attest to Sig Cartel. I flew under their banner for a hot minute. great group of individuals. They are not a fighting corp, but they do defend themselves, but mostly they stay neutral to anyone, because no matter if you are the worst of the worst, or the biggest brown noser, they’ll help anyone stuck in a wormhole.

Learn how to be evasive by being aware of your surroundings at all times. Local chat, D scan D scan D scan.
Start out with cheap ships, I’m Minmatar so i started with a cheap probe with a cloak, make lots of safe points and be ready to lose a few ships through your learning curves.
After I skilled up the proper stuff I moved into the Cheetah Covert Ops ship with Covert ops cloak. With proper skills and awareness I am basically invisible and impossible to catch, ALMOST…
Plan a path to solid ship builds and keep your head on a swivel.

Fair winds and following seas…

thank you for your answer. I understand what you are saying, but for me, the being carful and sneaking around trying to avoid being shoot at, is no fun at all. I just think that creating an option for a ship that has no weapons at all and that cannot get any damage or even being seen, a ship only for exploring relics and data sites and mining rare ores. that would appeal to many, that would keep me in the game as a paying customer. that would also not effect others in the game that are into pvp, they will have enough targets to play with.

I will check Sig Cartel, thank you. but it won’t solve my problem, the wish to explore relics and data sites in interesting places (low or 0 security).

thank you for your answer, but as I said above, this is not what I look for in this game. the developers should add an option (even only with pay) for those who wish to play without any violence. playing while checking all the time who will come to attack me and to try to escape is not what I see as fun.

the thing is I also don’t understand the ones who has very strong ships and weapons that attack someone who is no threat to them, what’s the challenge in that? 2 seconds and you destroy a ship that was never any threat to you?
putting a ship together takes time, getting it to a place and scanning for interesting stuff also takes time. and then someone blows you up in a second with no challenge in it. what’s the fun in that? a game should be fun or challenging. I just don’t understand ppl like that.
why not give a fight free option to play the game? from what I saw it looks amazing and has very interesting stuff in it, but I can’t even get to that so what’s the point?

Ok…but…why play a multiplayer online game, then?

because there’s no solo version of this game. I like many aspects of this game, but I’m not in it for the multiplayer side of things. have no idea how many wish for this option as well in this game, but if there will be enough, maybe they will add that option. an option to activate something like safe mode so when yo wish to relax and just explore, then you can do that without thinking about being blown up and waisting a lot of time fitting a new ship and returning to the same spot.

The way EVE works, if there was a ‘solo safe mode’ button the game and economy would break.

EVE requires there to be ships in space to fight in order for the game to function. If people can opt out of that, the game just breaks.

Sure everything could be replaced by NPCs and AI and turned into a solo game, but then it stops being fun for most of the existing players.

as you said, most of the existing players would stay in the game as it is now, but for some and many new ones the idea of being able to be in the game without the fighting is an appealing idea and many more will come to the game, some will also take part in the game as it is now. so the game will not brake, if anything, it will only grow form that.

Yeah, except that’s not Eve. I know you don’t like that answer, but the game you want isn’t Eve. It’s No Man’s Sky. Materials worth billions of isk is found every day in exploration sites and rare ores, you can’t have that extracted risk free. Not to mention the complete ridiculousness of now having a completely non attackable, non findable ship that can act as a perfect scout in any system. You are advocating a massive, game breaking addition to a game that you have absolutely no understanding of. It simply won’t happen.

Why would you be interested in exploring the non-safe areas in perfect safety?

Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of ‘dangerous exploration’?