Why Different Security Zones?

Since this is (from what I am told) a PvP centric game, what is the purpose of High Security, Low Security and Null Security Zones/Regions? Shouldn’t all areas (with the exception of maybe the individual factions/empires home system(s)) be open to pvp without interference from authorities? If not, then why allow any pvp at all in High Security zones?

Could make for some fun game play. Corporations/Alliances being required to guard/escort their transports/resource gatherers, other Corporations/Alliances trying to take those resources away constantly, etc.

From what I’ve been told this happens all the time in Null Security space and to a lesser degree in Low Security space while High Security is simply for suicide attacks since the authorities kill you.

This might also help solve the mining issues I see people talking about since minerals could be available everywhere.

Oh and Fly Safe? Should be “Go, Smash!!” considering they tout destruction as good for the economy and the game.

PvP is allowed everywhere by the game.

The different security zones are how NPCs allow PvP and result in different zones each with their own rules of engagement so that players can find a set of PvP rules that they feel comfortable with.

High Security zones are highly secure - you do not need to work together with fleet members and allies to make sure that whoever agresses you illegally dies. They are certain to die, unlike in other parts of space.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot die yourself and it is your responsibility to keep your own ship safe. CONCORD will revenge you, not protect you. The threat of CONCORD might ‘protect’ you if you make yourself not an easy target, but only to a certain extent.

Null sec has no CONCORD at all, so there it is completely up to you (and allies) to survive and up to you to fight other groups who have attacked your friends, instead of relying on CONCORD to do so.

Low sec is a bit in between. You have a lot of the freedom of null sec, but with some of the protection of high sec: no warp disruption bubbles and gate guns that shoot anyone who illegally attacks another person.

And then there are wormhole space and Pochven space, each with their own set of rules.

Anyway, pick a zone according to what kind of PvP you wish to prepare for. High sec is a good place to learn the game as you do not need to rely on friends to punish whoever illegally killed you, as that happens automatically by CONCORD.


The new players would not stay very long.

Yeah, I think their original intent was to have different areas of space offer varying ratios of risk to reward, which would allow all/most players to find something that they were comfortable with.

Another cool thing about having different mechanics in different areas of space is that it has led to all the areas having very different metas -which, in turn, makes New Eden a much more diverse and interesting place.

Anyway, the mineral redistribution was done on purpose in order to encourage interaction between the different regions (it also might help give more people a reason to go into LS, which has apparently had some population issues). So, I guess the question is whether or not the redistribution has achieved what CCP had hoped it would achieve, and whether or not that outweighs the increased burden that has been placed on the guys that handle logistics for their groups?

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