Exploring without fighting

that I understand and yes, I want a game like eve that is not eve. I like many aspects of it but can’t avoid the parts that make it impossible for me to enjoy the game.
its not about who is right here, its about different preferences. not trying to change what you like about the game, just to make it possible for me and maybe a few others to be able to enjoy it as well.
form the comments here I can see that I stand almost alone in this so I know it will not happen, but on the other hand, if there are many who think about this game as I do, they are not here so there’s no way to know how many they are.

I did explore the safe areas but in the perspective of interesting places like relic and data sites and rare ores , they are in the non safe space of this game. I’m not looking for ‘dangerous exploration’, just for ‘exploration’.
for example, if I want to build something form a blue print then I need rare ores but they are all in dangerous places. I like finding and getting the ores, I like exploring for relic and data sites, trying to jack and find out what’s inside. I just don’t like the fighting part of the game.
as I said above, its not about who is right, its just about different preferences,…mine sadly don’t align with the game.

Well you don’t have to like the fighting part, as long as you like the running away part! :wink:

yea,…nope :upside_down_face: can’t mine ore or hack data and relic sites while running away :slight_smile:

Exploration is 99% watching out for enemies, 1% running away.

You can scan and hack 99% of the time.

You may just need to get comfortable enough with the act of hacking and with the act of watching out for enemies that you can do them simultaneously.

I can sympathise with this - although my reactions are different: the harshness and risk of Eve make it what it is, and provide a level of nervous excitement and flavour that other, purely “puzzle-box single player games” doesn’t have. I’m also (and this is personally how I’m wired) someone that doesn’t seek out others to kill and harm: I’d rather build things - “better people” is something I like building.
“You will be upgraded…” - I’m not a dictator in waiting. Promise. Really. I’m Nice. Possibly not Fluffy though.

I’m a manufacturer in highsec - but I’m also happy wandering wormholes and the rest of New Eden as the feeling takes me. I make, for me, a comfortable living from manufacturing - some materials I collect for myself (a casual past time), but where there’s stuff I need for a job that I can’t easily get - either because I don’t have the skills, the inclination to wander into null (morphite!) or the risk appetite at the time (or to be honest “can’t be bothered getting…”) - then I buy them on the market. I pay someone else to carry that risk.
And I pay know I pay a premium rather than doing it myself: But I’m paying for their time and their risk position.

It’s a long time since I lost a ship in combat - I have, and will take the risk for a Cause (Amarr Victor!), and I’ve had a few close escapes in my exploration ships. If I loose a ship, yep, annoying, yep I’ll be a bit hacked off about it, but I’m old enough to know that in that case, get yourself safely docked up. Swear a bit, log off and come back tomorrow when I’m rational again.

Don’t turn your back on this wonderful sand box because of one aspect you don’t like - you can minimise that aspect quite happily. Eve has an awful lot to offer.

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that’s what I’ll try to do.
thank you :slight_smile:

this helps, wasn’t planning to leave the game, just to find the best way for me to have fun there. I’ll try to get more things done in highsec that will fund me getting blown up in lowsec :upside_down_face:
thank you


And that is the secret to Eve - Enjoy it.
It’s not about accumulating ISK, it’s about making memories.

Good luck and happy wandering.

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Learning how to evade hunters and avoid gate camps while you fly with your cargohold filled with riches IS the main component of exploration, not scanning and hacking.
There are ways and tricks that you’ll absolutely need to learn if you don’t want to see explosions.

And in case if you still wonder why people attack defenseless ships, it’s simple, they love explosions.

so far didn’t have any problem with returning back to highsec, I just put my home station and press the auto pilot. the problem I found is being attacked while mining, scanning and hacking. but will find a way to avoid being attacked when doing that as well.
attacking defenseless ships just to see an explosion, having fun on the expense of someone’s misery? not my kind of ppl.

I will never understand why some people insist on playing a game where they don’t like the foundations of that game.

EvE is a game about blowing up spaceships fundamentally. We can do many other things in the world of New Eden and even make our own gaming experience mostly involving around those aspects - BUT - everything is intertwined and spaceship destruction is the engine that powers everything.

Examples; A miner mines asteroids…why is anyone buying the ores?..because they are using them to build spaceships…why is anyone buying spaceships?..because spaceships are being blown up… An explorer scans down stuff and brings their finds to market…why is anybody buying that stuff?..because they use it on their spaceships…which get blown up sometimes…creating continued demand for stuff explorers find… Spaceship destruction is the foundation of everything EvE, you see.

It would be like playing Railroad Tycoon but saying “Oh, but I don’t want to have anything to do with trains, that’s not fun for me and players doing train things are not my kind of people”. Then don’t play Railroad Tycoon! Don’t go into Railroad Tycoon and start saying it shouldn’t have trains.


Well, I think it’s to fill my collection and ship hangars and just to try them :wink:
I don’t like my ships blown up either, but that’s a motivation to learn how to avoid being killed or to rationally handle the loss, which is actually always minor because capsuleers cannot die.
And to be honest - I obviously like to blow up other people’s ships, so you’re actually right …

ok, ok,…I understand…its a blowing up ships game :slight_smile:
sorry for thinking about it in a different way, just don’t shoot me for that,…hmm…yea, you probably will :upside_down_face:

At least you understand it was purely for the common good!

I was once killed by some who had bought the ammunition off me. What goes around comes around.

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you gave them too much ammunition so they just gave it back to you

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