Fighter Decloaking - Carrier and Citadels Alike


I would like to open a discussion about something in severe need of rebalance as well as an (in my opinion) extremely unethical use of current game mechanics.

The first issue is Fighter Decloaking:

Many of you may have seen an abnormal amount of DST’s and T3’s popping up on ZKILL and they are dying to carriers. The issue is that a carrier with fighters out can decloak anyone that jumps in within 1 second, with 100% accuracy. Because of this - anything cruiser or larger (except for BR’s) are guaranteed to be decloaked and tackled. Using 2 waves of Sirens and 1 wave of fighters (and a faction scram) a Carrier can tackle any non super in this game while giving the opposition zero chance to escape. Use of drones to decloak has been around since this games inception but it required the pilot manually piloting their ship and using skill to decloak the target. This resulted in some wins for the aggressor and many more wins for the defender, which is much different than what is happening today.

Additionally, game mechanics are being bent severely to take this a step further. Citadels, 1000+ km’s off the gate are deploying fighters to a gate at 0 and doing the same trick. The aggressor is using an insta locking Hictor to point ANYTHING that comes through. This provides additional inbalance to the situation

  1. The citadel is invunerable and cannot be destroyed on one timer - therefore they are risking nothing.
  2. Citadel fighters were meant for citadel defense - not being an “I-win” button for gate camping.
  3. Just as with the carrier, the decloak happens within 1 second and is 100% successful. Except now, instead of a carrier, you have to deal with an insta locking, webbing hic that has you perma scrammed.

This in my opinion is an exploit that needs to be addressed by CCP until a Hotfix can be implemented.

Thoughts from the community?

On the basis of the description, the carrier decloak in with fighters seems a bit cheesy, Upwell structures doing it is just crazy.

Should be patched in my view if it’s workingas described.

Also, drones don’t decloak (fighters do though). Just an FYI. That was changed a while back.

Interesting thing. Can you explain that mysterious 1s decloack trick?

I would assume it takes 1s to recognize the ship in your client, 1s to direct the fighters, 1s to have you decloaked, 1s to have you locked and scrambled … if you actually can do all of this within a single server tick, some hack must be involved …

Sorry you lost a dst to my neat trick. This feature is working as intended and was even brought up in the fighter change patch forums. you make a valid point about how IF citadels could do this it would be OP as ■■■■… but they cant. as for the fighter decloak trick from a carrier ive got 2 things for you.

1 It takes a substantial risk placing a carrier on a hisec gate and consistently camping with it, you can check my losses… its not an insta win.

2 This trick is almost as corny as the mwd cloak trick itself. So if you remove one then the other should go too… That being said when I think about it, both of these tactics are something that real humans in space would do if presented with the same technology, there is nothing unrealistic about either technique.

CCP dont cater to crybabies who come to the forum with the intention of misleading you into deleting something they dont like about the game under the guise of it being an exploit or glitch…


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