Citadel Fighters On Gates

Ill try and keep this short and simple from all the other crap wrong with the normal gate camp crew of the system tama. But they now have started to put citadel fighters on the gate that pretty much instantly decloaks anything it requires nothing but a simple click for the drones to be on you. I can understand a carrier being on the gate and being able to use fighters to decloak you but citadel fighters shouldn’t be allowed to even be on gates in the first place to “gate camp” or even to be used as an instant decloak tool at least make them field a carrier to make them risk at least something but this can really be applied anywhere besides in tama that’s just where i have seen it be used. But i believe this is a serious issue that needs to be looked at and fixed. I’m a pilot with just under 15k kills and nearly 5k solo, stop making it easier for the big guys to kill the smaller guys in your’e game, i can deal with a carrier doing it but a citadel’s drones sitting at gate waiting to decloak you in one second hmm. That’s a bit too overpowered. I remember back when carriers and all could actually use drones off grid and what happened to that…hmm oh yes that got fixed so why now are citadels being allowed to do an exact issue that was fixed. “Technically” speaking yes they are on grid but its a structure and still technically invulnerable for the most part. Should it really be allowed to have its fighters sitting right on top of the gates?

  1. You could make citadel fighters not decloak people in general.
  2. Maybe add some kind of boundary to stargates to which citadel drones cannot enter maybe 100km or so?
  3. Add some type of maximum range the fighters can go from the citadel maybe as far as the targeting range?
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It is a player suggestion, so - wrong forum.

Maybe a dev will move it cause i don’t ever use the forums thanks though :slight_smile:

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