Citadel behavior on dscan


Wanted to propose this idea - I’ll tell you straight up that I’ve been told it will make carrier ratting safer - not sure how, but I’m eager for explanation. Without further ado:

Make citadels you don’t have access to accessible only if you (combat?) probe them down. I mean they should have the same behavior on this as POSes currently have but capitalize even more on the fact that they don’t need to be around a moon.

You will know they are in system, just that if you want to see if there’s people in you need to scan them down before getting on grid.

That makes Carrier Ratting safer because it increases the time required (rather pointlessly too) to find the Citadel he very obviously just warped to.

If he warps to the Citadel and doesn’t immediately dock then you have a chance to potentially bump him off, or if he’s screwed up you might be able to point him and prevent him from docking at all and kill him.

Something the size of a Citadel is incredibly easy to scan down. Making them need to be scanned is just pointless busywork and just adds more bookmark clutter for most alliances, since after one person has done it once the bookmark will be in the shared folder where everyone can use it. There’s just no point to a change like this.

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Citadels are warpable because moons & stations are warpable.
So they kept the same instant warp to ability.

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You never had to drop probes to find a POS.

Yup, forgot to mention that. You just needed D-Scan and moons on your Overview.