Citadel warp disruption after the changes

So, I am wondering how the citadel warp scram/disruption will work after the changes. Obviously, right now they can only point a ship when they are vulnerable. As much as I’m not crazy about citadels, the athanors on the moons have provided some extra content that I’ve been relatively pleased with. That said, you can’t really fight on an athanor when it is vulnerable. You just get pointed and die. Kinda sucks but most people don’t time their vulnerability to when they want to mine.

So obviously when they say they are changing them to be vulnerable 24/7 that makes me wonder how the warp disruption/scram will work into that. I’ve been trying to figure it out and have not found much information on it. Will these citadels be able to point people now 24/7? And is that range still going to be 150km or whatever it currently is?

They already answered this. Citadels will be limited to fitting 1 at a time and it will come with a hefty cooldown (something like a minute starting after cycle completes)

Was that a Yes or a No?

My answer was an obvious “yes” to his question. Then I listed the changes that come along side it in an attempt to balance.

You must be a Politician. I googled ambiguity and got a link to your answer to the OP’s original question.

Actually points on a citidel will be basically useless post-changes, so most will no longer have them equipped in favor of a module that actually works consistently. As a point that only works for 30 second out of every 2 minutes is almost “pointless” (pun intended).


From the Dev blog;
“Structure tackle modules will also be receiving major updates with this release. These powerful modules can often become oppressive with their ability to keep single targets tackled and webbed indefinitely. It is especially important for us to address these modules now since the addition of 24/7 shield vulnerability means structures will be able to activate their tackle modules at all times. To solve these issues, we plan to add a reactivation delay to the Standup warp scrambler and Standup stasis webifier modules that prevents them from being cycled constantly without breaks. The current plan is for them to activate for 30 seconds, and then need to wait one minute before activating again. Combined with these changes they would also be limited to a maximum of one copy each fitted to a structure. The intent would be for these modules to be used strategically to grab tackle long enough for an allied ship to get their own point, or in conjunction with the new AoE webs and bubbles.”

OP - Point can be cycled once then there is a cool down period before re-activation, so no you can not be pointed forever.


This is not true. The purpose of the point is to hold a target long enough for real tackle to reach it. Yes if you have no support you may vr out of luck, but for serious fights, it’s enough time to get tackle there.

Umm, okay. Here’s an idea, you people can learn to look ■■■■ up on your own that’s openly available and the rest of us can stop answering these stupid questions altogether if you think I was being too vague. It’s not the job of people on the forums to link you people to the summarize the dev blogs for you every time there’s a change because you’re too lazy to look it up yourselves.

it clearly depends on your perspective, whether a structure point is useful or not post-change. If you always operate with a standing fleet, it may be puzzling why smaller groups with one player here, another over there running a site, a third getting ganked while returning from JIta with new structure mods… would debate the utility post-change.

While your right there may be some rare circumstance where it’s useful for that purpose, it’s a single point, and I can barely see it having any real use, your either dealing with an enemy up close in which case you should already have him tackled by an actual ship, or he’s sniping with a rokh or something beyond point range anyway.

Basically it’s a waste of a mid slot that’s infinitely more useful to have replaced with a different module. Now if say they replaced the the single point with a 20km AOE range point or something, then I could see it getting occasional use for that brief and near useless 30s window.

I’m not saying they won’t ever be used now, I’m just saying there are MUCH better options than a point now for fitting.

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