Do refinery belts appear in overview?

Are they attached to the Athanor, meaning they could just warp to the citadel? Does that also mean you’ll be taking some DPS and neuts from the Athanor, if they fit it correctly?

Yes they are, and if there’s a gunner that decides you’re worth shooting yes you will. Also be aware that citadels when vulnerable can scram with strength 10 out to 250km. No non-supercapital ship can warp away from that.

Unless someone isn’t online at the time, you’ll want to ninja ore from them real quick. Right now though, I wouldn’t expect there to be much opportunity because the first pulls are blowing up pretty much yesterday and today for the most part, and people who run the platforms will be all over them.

Your best bet will be to watch when they pop, and wait until after people mine it to see if they leave stuff behind for one reason or another.

The belt is in fact in range of the Athanor or Tartara’s weapon systems.

So that means no pop in, shoot miners, bugger right out?

Is it possible to send in a sacrificial Cormorants to blow up a few things and buying time for a hauler to scoop the loot and get right out?

Well someone has to man the citadel. I doubt most of them actually have someone there the entire time. If you’re solo or small gang you could probably take a few Covetors out with torp bombers fast enough and get away. Just don’t hang out on field too long.

And the scram only works when the Citadel is vulnerable. As long as its not vulnerable you just pew the miners and GTFO.

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