Refinery's new warp option?

I hunt alot for fleets as well as solo and one thing that keeps bugging me is how hard it is to actually get ontop of / catch miners that are in a belt minning in a moon goo belt.

It used to be that Miners could either be found in belts or in anoms.
Now there is an additional place they could be making hunting in itself harder wich to that point is fine.
The ishue i have been experiencing is that not only does it scatter miners more it also because of the nature of the mechanics introduced with the moon changes makes them alot harder to catch.
The problem is that even if you can find the structure they are at in time before they leave on your dscan there is no real way of actually just warping right ontop of them there is the warp to minning point fuction on the moons themself but i have yet to run into someone using that to hunt.
the current way usually is to just warp to the Refinery at range or at 0 and then look at the miners to warp to a rock close to them asside from the ishue of the belt being in range of the weapons of the refinery this means that you appear on grid many seconds before you are actually able to get close / point the target.

My suggestion is to add a option like there is in the moon menu ( warp to minning site ) into the rightclick menu of the Refinery wich will be aviable as long as there is a belt up on the refinery or just permanently to warp directly to the belt this will make it more likely to be able to catch miners and it wouldnt make it any less secure compared to lets say a regular belt…

I would also suggest to move the moon goo belts out further (300-400km) away from the Refinery’s So a assault frigate for example brawling a skiff is able to kill it instead of being forced off by the citadel (assuming the frigate could kill the skiff) i feel like the weapons on the Refinery’s should be purely defensively for the structure and not for the actual belt.


If you know what moon they are at it should be case of one scan with combat probes to get a warp in right on top of them.

If its in hisec you can always use an alt to get a warp in as well (alts are also useful for bumping targets out of alignment so they cant warp out).

I believe refineries are intended to cover miners using the belt. Kinda balances the fact you know when and where the miners will be.

Which brings me to another tactic you can use, the centre of the belt can be determined before the belt spawns. Bookmark it. It will always be approx 100km away from refinery. I’ll let you figure out the rest.

Interceptors are not able to use combat probes, it also takes several seconds to deploy / cycle combat probes

This is not viable at all for roaming or even in general considering how many Refinery’s there are in some systems.


Why do you have to use an interceptor? One of your examples is an assault frig…there are other ships as well.

You’re talking of using d-scan. If you have time for d-scan you have time for one probe scan.

Boo hoo.
Do the work. Get the reward.

If you were properly hunting rather than aimlessly roaming you’ll have a good idea where to look.

And fixed it for you.


A point of purpose of a moon mining rig ie: refinery, is to allow miners the ability to mine. The owning of the refinery, the operations and upkeep, is rewarded by the fact they are able to mine their ores under the protection of said refinery.

Why would you want your belt to spawn outside of the range of the refinery? The only persons that would want this is those intending harm of the miners themselves. Mining in the safety of the citadel is a reward for the resources put into the refinery itself.

that would take the additional proposal of moving the the belt further away out wich i am fine with i mainly want the option that already is in the game in a different context menue

can you roam with an aim? and if its aimless and pointless why roam / undock in the first place right?

Usually you use Dscan even if you have combat probes D-scan is still faster why use a interceptor? supperior warp speed and its you know the ship designed to fit the role of hunting and catching people that arent in deadspace. and on the word of combat probes there arent that many ships actually able to fit them without heavily gimping their fitting in fact there only are 8 total. none of these are frigates

TII Covert Ops Scanner Frigates can use Combat Probes…

Fitting a Covert ops with reasonable agility a warp disrupter scram and a prop mod is impossible oh also do that under 200m pls
EDIT: While having combat probes (expanded probe launcher online ofcourse)

This is turning into a whine-fest fast.

Your issue is you think you’re supposed to kill a mining op under protection of a structure with a single frigate.

Why is that? Why shouldn’t you use a cruiser? Or bring a friend?

And roaming is not always aimless in the sense that I’m talking about. You can hunt a specific target or specific group, or a certain area. You can do prep work for that kind of stuff, especially if it involves moon belts. Christ.


I think you arent getting my point my ishue is that the moon change has moved people into a safe(ish) place that is hard to actually tackle them in wich usually tackle is not a cruiser if your trying to roam, also the way that the meta works currently it is not really possible to prep since the current way of roaming is to rageroll a c2’s NSS to get into space that is not camped and already has a preformed blob in supers so the whole prepping thing isnt viable.

also the one of the things that a previous reply has been hinting is that people should be safe minning the moon goo on the citadels wich i’m fine with but the ishue is that it takes away possible content since things like a tackled miner are huge drivers for a fight.

I am thinking that i am supposed to be able to tackle a miner in the first place without practicly doing the same thing as generating a pop up on his screen telling him to warp, and yes i would like to do so in my frigate wich is the role that frigates take in this game

You’re right, i wasn’t sure of what situation you were talking about. You didn’t mention anything about what area of space you were roaming in or how you did it.

Yep, miners at a moon are more protected than those at other belts. Especially if that refinery is manned. Pretty sure ccp understood this when they made them since they talked about the refinery being able to protect miners with its weapons.

I don’t think you’re going to get a warp in on moon belts. You don’t get warp ins on missions, ded sites, sigs and many other forms of pve so it’s easier to hunt them.

The warp to site feature is already in the game tough it is if you rightclick a moon the ishue is that you cant tell at wich moon a refinery is without alot of warping arround (time spent) wich as we know the longer you take the more time people have to safe up wich is bad for content’s sake.

One other problems i am having is that it took people away from minning said belts / Anoms thus effectively reducing the ammount of them that is actually reasonably easy to get to / catch.

So, basically a new feature doesn’t conform to your specific gameplay style, and you want it adapted to match your gameplay style instead of having to adapt to match it. Did I get that right?

Yeah, no. That’s not how this works.

Just think about it this way: before the new refinery structures you couldn’t shoot moon miners at all because it was a passive activity carried out by structures. Any opportunities you get to shoot them, even difficult ones, are more than you had before.

Now…if only there were small, fast, roam-worthy ships able to, oh I don’t know, interdict multiple ships in a large volume without necessarily having to land right on top of them. Or, even better, prevent ships from warping all the way to the safety of a friendly structure.

If only…

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Holy mother in Christ!!!

some pvp’r you are???

you mentioned it in the OP, the freaking mining point…

Warp to the mining point at 100km…be in a cloaky something(covops), look at your target…check closest rock…warp on target, decloak part way there to offset any lock timerstuff…kill target…run away and recloak…rinse and repeat as needed…even to grab the loot.

And im a full Indy/Pve’r these days more than the hunter/ganker/dec’r that i used to be.


I await for someone to make a list of all the refineries in hisec with location and who owns them lol

TIL About Astero… and T3C…

On a moon belt itself? No. But you can warp directly to anything in the moon belt.

Takes ages non retarded targets will safe up anyway also was saying it shoudnt be necessary to actually use something covert

Not Really since the number of miners doesnt magically increase so it just takes away content …

? i dont think i got what you ment you can use bubbles to prevent them from landing ontop of a citadel if they warp to lets say their fortizar and WHY would they do that, also gl finding out wich one.