Refinery feature suggestion: Mining Access List

Recent interactions with other pilots have shown me a hole in the ability to control my own ore fields in 0.5 space. My friends and I can normally clear out our ore pull over the course of a day on our own, but another pilot has decided to bring his alts to horde in on my field. Easy, one would say. Wardec him and have at it. That’s all well and good until I look and see the person is hiding from wardecs behind being in an NPC corporation because “I don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of wardecs.”

Therefore I suggest this as a future feature: A mining access list assignable in the refinery’s permissions. Anyone not on the list would get the standard warning about criminal activities in the field and has the option to ignore it and continue or move on. People on the list would get no such flags and be treated as friends of the station. Those that flag themselves would be flagged to the owning corporation of the station and then we could go about removing the intruder to our field. If a person is on the list and then gets taken off while mining, they would be able to finish that cycle then the modules would deactivate. Attempting to start them again would cause them to get warnings in the next one, rather than be auto-flagged as criminal. Logistics and arrangements for list membership would be between the miners and owners of the station in question.

If you can’t wardecc them, gank them or bump them. Asteroids are like wrecks. They belong to those who can seize them first.

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I expected that kind of reply.

Ganking: it’s a collection of skiffs and orcas. I cannot muster enough firepower together to make it through the tank of the offending vehicles.

Bumping: While I do have a ship that can bump them, all they do is reposition while the other 5 ships continue to take the ore.

Ownership: I disagree with your declaration of ownership in that this is not a naturally spawning asteroid field, but one that I had to put resources in to create. If they want to press in on a naturally occurring site, so be it. I have no issue with that. Moon mining takes an investment of fuel and time. The ore it produces is mine, much like if i’m ratting the loot dropped by investment of time and ammunition is mine.

I don’t disagree with anything you said, but when implementing HS moon mining, the devs were pretty explicit in what they thought about asteroids. So that’s where we’re at and those are the tools at our disposal.

I’d say bump the orca outside of command burst range. Losing buffs and the ability to empty in the orca will significantly decrease their efficiency and increase the player’s annoyance. If you’re lucky, the skiffs are set to keep at range and will slowly follow the orca out of mining range. Eventually, they should move on because it’s easier somewhere else.

Essentially, if you want concord to protect your mining operation, you have to accept that they will protect the other player’s too. You can work with that or, if you don’t want that, LS, NS and WH space are there for you.

I’m more than willing to defend my own mining operation but I can’t fire on them freely without concord protecting the offending vessels. The primary issue I have is that these people are hiding within NPC corporations, allowing them to force me to sacrifice ships instead of following the standard procedure provided by CCP of declaring war against the offending corporation and taking it down the standard approach.

You could also consider hiring Merc group to hunt/harass the multi-boxer.

if you don’t like anyone being able to mine in your Refinery created fields, I would suggest you find something else to do as it is not likely to change.

Game mechanics simply does not support a feature like the one your suggesting.

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The ship you are piloting is also yours. It also is available for the taking by anyone. Welcome to EVE…

Having said that, focus on the Orca and keep it perma-bumped. They will eventually give up and move on. I’ve had to keep some rather persistent individuals bumped for hours before they finally got the hint…

CODE warned us of precisely these sorts of consequences when people asked for strong mining ships. CODE warned us when moon mining was announced for highsec.

Maybe we ought to listen to CODE instead of dismissing them out of hand because they inconvenience some people occasionally. Sometimes they might have the game’s best interests at heart.

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