NPC Corp Moon belt Ore Thieves

Or players in a corp without structures who can also steal ore without any meaningful way to stop them. Can’t War Dec them of course.

We could really use a way to deal with these gnats other than suicide ganking and the largely ineffective bounty system.

Some alternatives.

A) Assign ownership to the moon belt rocks of the owning corporation, then create a new type of flag. If an unauthorized pilot mines from the owning corporations moon rocks, then a 15 minute flag is set and they become attackable by the rocks owners. Flag resets with every unit mined.

B) Allow the structure to target and attack those who are on the ban list for the structure. A caveat to this would be that you cannot attack someone within 5 minutes of placing them on the ban list, or within 5 minutes of them exiting the structure (should they be docked when you place them on the ban list). A warning could be issued to the banned pilot, including a warning for when they are about to warp to a structure for which they are banned. Letting them know the structure can target and attack them.

C) Let us booby trap random rocks, which will explode causing massive damage to ships and drones. which are not corp members or on authorized miners list. Enough to one shot any drones and weaker mining vessels.

PvP players like to complain that people can hide miners out of corp/alliance.
This would be a great way to balance the risk/reward of moon ores (& as a result potentially allow better moon ores in high sec in low quantities, because the moon ore price is having issues, hence T2 prices being through the roof).
Especially if there was no access list and it was only the direct corp/alliance and tough luck to anyone out of corp. It would provide a nice drive to form a decent sized corp in highsec and band together.

Y U SO GREEDY? I used to run a mining network with more than 30 citadels in a rotation so that everytime a moon belt expired another one was starting, with all of them at the maximum cycle duration. I would invite all of the system locals to join in, provide them my maxed fleet boosts and offer to buy back their ore immediately if they just wanted the isk at or above jita rates (which I turned a profit on with maxed reprocessing skills). That is all down the tubes now, but it was pretty amazing while it was still running. Perhaps your problem is a matter of scaling up enough?

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D) Put your refinery in LS or NS where you can shoot anybody you like for any reason.

Part of the deal in putting your refinery in HS is that you are protected by Concord. However, so are thieves. That’s the risk/reward balance and trade off of having what was previously only LS/NS content extended to HS. You get greater protection for your structure and fleet, but those same rules apply to any thieves.

You have a choice to make where you anchor your structure, and this is one of the data points in making that decision.

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There are other advantages to moon refineries in Null and LS, including better more abundant valuable ores.

Eve should try to make as much sense as possible. And the inability to deal with interlopers at one’s industrial site doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I’m reminded of my reaction to the first Jurassic Park movie. While it’s easy to suspend disbelief and imagine that they’ve used ancient DNA to recreate living dinosaurs, it was the way the people behaved that was utterly unbelievable. For instance when the anthropologists first see the Brontosaurus. They are of course amazed, but THEN run out of the Jeep to get close to the thing (as if they can’t see it well enough from the Jeep that could likely outrun it if necessary).

Okay yes, while they may assume these creatures were strictly plant eaters, they don’t know that Brontosauruses didn’t occasional eat small amounts of live meat, or that they wouldn’t intentionally kill human sized things which got near them. But even if not. The thing could have easily just turned and accidentally smash them dead with its ginormous tail or walked on top of them and crushed them. The point being, NOBODY with more than 1/2 a brain would simply run right up to a Brontosaurs having just seen one for the first time. That’s where it became unbelievable. And much of the movie was like that.

All that to say, it’s unbelievable that we can’t take action against someone mining our corporation’s moon rocks. Including even War Decking them.

Because you mentioned suicide gank I know you are in high sec.

You just don’t own that moon.

You want to own something, go to sov null.

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I agree. But…

You can, but the rules are different. Your options are:

  • Mine the ore faster than they do
  • Bump them
  • Suicide gank them
  • Hire mercs to suicide gank them
  • Chat them up and offer to buy the ore or collaborate
  • Move out of HS

I’m not endorsing any of those particularly, and I do understand your frustration, but there are options. I’m really not trying to be a jerk about this with my comments. But, I do believe that these mechanics and trade-offs that result in this situation are intentional (like a lot of the LS/NS/HS dynamics). Risk vs. reward for where you choose to put your refinery.

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