Mining stations

These new stations would come in three sizes with more miners per size and would have the same health of all the engineering complex they would not have the ability to make items but could refine stuff corporations could rent mining lasers to get the most amount of isk they would mine when your not playing as they would be owned by your corp

I think they should also mine for you when your logged out.

Add that, and I approve.

adding it

While we’re adding in features, you know what would be really awesome and help us miners out?

A kind of “warp-spire” that allows you to instantly transport your ore/minerals/ices/cloud stuff, at no addition cost, to any one of the five major trade hubs. That way we don’t run the risk of being ganked by a fleet of alpha clones in catalysts and destroying our high value freighters/DST’s/BR’s or even plain old haulers. We work really hard extracting those minerals for a mere pittance and the aweful gankers come in, blow us up and set us back by months, even years of work.

Hell, the warp spire should work for any item manufactured in that station. Ships, modules. Anything.

industry is a no there and no that would be to op

It’s not OP.

It’s fair and protects the new players.

the whole point of is its supposed to help older players who don’t want to mine ore thats it

Why just the older players? That’s not going to help bring in New Players let alone retain them.

Noobs have a severe disadvantage compared to 20 year old vets.

It needs to be equal.

I believe that in refinery stations we should be able to turn PI basic materials into higher tiers, I also would hope that instead of just PI that PI could also produce veldspar by extraction just like PI materials, obviously there should be a limit per day on extraction amounts but since PI is limited to omega it could encourage subs.

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