Allow frigates to mine minerals directly from asteroids

  1. ONLY FRIGATES could do it. And not only the default mining frigates. All frigates.

  2. Idea is to make is similar to the mini hacking game with colorful nodes to choose from.

  3. Denser parts to mine through to get to a mineral node. However with a must to “drill” through, unlike completely avoiding them in the hacking version. Just pick a better angle!

  4. Make the waste / residue 100% chance and a high multiplier. Believe me, ores like Omber will not be missed. And since some people care for the prices on the market… [prepare yourself mentally for the next part, it is explained]

  5. …allow easier access to minerals for people who consider what they mine, to be free.
    Why is it important? Every single newbie is probably like this. And every person who can’t be bothered with logistics. Make the value LOSS greater for them but make the thing itself accessed easier for them. Especially the newbies, now that that smaller ship blueprints require way less types of minerals than before.

Ask yourself:

Would you rather press F1 and F2 and sit idle? Probably not even orbit?
Or would you like to focus on a mineral or a mineral mix?
Pressing F1, F2, (F3, F4?) more often, on a different things, picking different angles?

Would you want to have more raw material or more fun getting it? Or maybe in just a more engaging way? Angles can be just one of the things to use here. What about a single unit of Mercoxit exploding and wasting in the rock 10x of what your lasers can mine? Wait, why allow just 1 unit of it?

Minerals requiring a visually implied switch from or otherwise they melt away, mix with the rock’s dirt, and get wasted in such a way? With all the associated values being different depending on a mineral?

How about we drop the hated NPC miners idea and let newbies and lazy people take their role huh? While the indy people make specialized equipment for them, because my oh my, logistics required for that?

I absolutely knew you were trying to have your cake and eat it too. You can’t accept that hulls have roles :smiley:

I vote a solid no.

All ships can mine if they got turret slots, just not well.

Just use a Venture mate and learn to EVE kthx :smiley:


I’m confused. Why would I mine in a non-Venture (or expedition) frigate? Why would I want straight minerals at probably a lower rate than just reprocessing ore? It’s much easier to move compressed ore than it is minerals too. How are NPC miners related to this?

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Mining tritanium would be a huge hassle with volume being an issue. Would be much easier to mine Veldspar then compress it.

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