Minral Frighter


I think there is a need to have a freighter that haul mineral only Similer to bowhead that haul ships.

I know Ore can be compressed so it is take huge diffrint in size than it is normal volume but minral will be

hard to move after the ore being reprocessed.

That will be good add for the game cause they will need it.

just use a normal freighter ? ist Always overloaded if you fullfill it with max Cargo in Minerals xD so … nobody Needs it

There are Orcas, DSTs, jump freighters, ■■■■ even a Rorqual can be used to ship ore. There’s really no reason to add yet another.

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Oh come on, just think you could move 5bill in ore to market in one solo trip :rofl:

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I’m not sure if a new hauler is the answer to the problem, but I do think the request stems from an actual problem.

Bear in mind that the OP is suggesting a mineral hauler, not another ore hauler. Hauling ore is much easier than hauling refined minerals because of the afore mentioned ships with ore specialized cargo bays. Since the release of the Upwell line and the mandatory availability of free compression being extended to every capsuleer with access to a refinery the usefulness of the specialized mineral hauler has been very significantly reduced.

I feel like this brings us uncomfortably close to a unified New Eden where resources are transferred away from the local economies without making a significant contribution to those economies. I think it goes beyond the obsolescence of a ship type and into the realm of draining away local vibrance and overall variety in the eve universe.

I would not deny that compression is convenient. I would say that the convenience, especially when one neither needs to do or invest anything to earn it, leads to a feeling of detachment that lessens our appreciation of the space we inhabit or from which we gather our resources for our other endeavors.



Mathematics can explain better:
I can use Frighter T1 that can haul 1081934 M3
I will fill that with Veldspar that compressed so i will need 6536496 unit.
I will go to reprocessing it in an area that i will find a refinariy to refine lt.
As the information that CCP give i can take 415 from each unit that compressed so in total
i will recive 2.7 B unit.
That mean i will need a freighter to haul 27M M3.
The one trip to reprocess will give me more like other 27 trip.

not an issue to make a freighter that haul only Mineral with a size like 30M M3 or 20M M3.


How much worth are 2.7b piece of trit ? Pls call me … and why you think its a good idea to have something ? And trit is just the cheapest pf thf minerals

This is why refinement is meant to be done in the same system/location as the manufacturing.


And you think they only get used in the same system ? xD nobody need this … we got freighters with a shitload of cargohold thats good enough.

Why will they be needing it?

I like your post. You care about the locals. Communities. Groups of sub-communities.

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The need still for it even if you do not see it is needed.

Not sure what is the reason for rejecting it although.

if you create a freighter with this ammount of Cargo volume only for Minerals … then you Need to create a freighter for every material with this ammount of Cargo volume…. and you think this is a good idea?

if you could think in a Logical way then you would see your idea is just a stupid cryhard from a renter

Nope. This is another form of projection.

Special ore holds are not meant for haulers. We have mining vessels and mining support vessels that get ore holds to help with mining, not hauling.

Then there are t1 haulers that were given special holds because ccp didn’t know what to do with them when they were rebalanced and didn’t feel like they could delete them. Special holds for hauling are not really meant to exist and they spoil the game by removing choice (like the old exhumers).

Not gonna happen.

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Like the idea.


Pretty much this…

Nope, -1.


Same, -1.

One can haul 12b ISKs worth of compressed veldspar with a freighter (given the current price). If that’s not enough then it’s just being done wrong. With refineries now offering ore compression at no cost is it only a matter of adjusting one’s strategy and no longer to rely purely on the minerals. I think the way it is now makes for a better, more interesting game-play and the suggestion only feeds into a more dumbed down game.

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I’m down only cause a mineral frighter sounds so badass

This will benefit the High sec people first who do indy stuff
so they buy from hub then build in them staging system.

If you are in Null you will hava a tatara that will give good
reprocessing but you will need to haul it to Sotiyo to build.

If you just a gangster then that will add more target for you also
that if you a kind of player that enjoy ruining other game

see Last reply of me