So which hauler.. hauls this new rock mess

Hello Industrialist,

we are a large demographic, Crafters are vital to any MMO game which caters to PVE/PVP… eve online should be… Eve Industrial Online… (listens for applause to end).

Ok… now here’s my question.

Which hauler is the best hauler to use to haul around the moon chunks, I noticed they didn’t allow us to compress this mess, (slight over looking perhaps)… but which hauler can I use to get these hefty dense chunks to its refinement location?

Help me out here indy’s and I promise to not rant about ccp. fozzie, and the next batch of indy changes coming…till 2018 :slight_smile: … how bout dat!

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T1 a miasmos or anything with massive ore bays or generaic cargo bays, my occutator has 60km3.
Also get it to the edge in empire and set up a courier for it.

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Thank you.

would have been nice if ccp speeds up designing the new hauler for this… perhaps give it compression module. ijs…

Orca has 150K M3 ore hold and Rorqual has 300K M3. Odds are you’ll have one of those available for boosts when mining moon ore. A freighter is also an option - up to 1 million M3. You really shouldn’t need to haul it any farther than the refinery for reprocessing.

someone could also be asked to set up slightly cheaper than jita buy orders and do the majority of hauling for you or get it to empire side and contract it either way.

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It’s done on purpose as to control the value of Moon ores, making compression available for Moon ore would decrease the value as well as it would be seeded in Trade Hubs in large quantities which again would decrease the value.

The best and safest way to haul Moon ore around will probably be in a Jump Freighter as you can pretty much be “uncatchable”

Lmao u are out of your mind if you say use a JF to haul this crap around. you must be a blue doughnut dude.

the chunks from a field are so large that even the smallest amount nearly max’s out a rhea in just a few minutes… i disagree fully on that decision…some one needs to look at the volume.

use the refinery that generates the moon rocks- no hauling at all

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your assuming the refinery has low taxes and has a refinery online. assuming is bad.

he is not assuming, he just gives his advice. Whether your follow it or not depend on your specific case, which is not presented here.


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