Setting up refinery

I spent hours trying to set this refinery up and the closest I got was a message saying, “valid location, not eligible for mining”. The other message tells me, “too close to moon, too far from mining location”. So what in orbits am I doing wrong? Any and all help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: thank you very much, Nu

Is it a 0.5 Security system? (0.6 and above is not eligible) Have you run a moon survey probing?

Setting up in WH space. I didn’t personally survey the moon another person in the Corporation did. Could it be that simple? If so, I will go survey it immediately and get back to you all.

No, when you go to the location you need to make sure you are not warping to the moon bookmark but rather the moon mining point, should show up in the same menu as the moon but it’s a different location.


Sounds like youre at a moon that either doesnt support moon mining, or there is already a refinery set up.

Sounds like youre too far from the mining location.

You are right :slight_smile: I discovered you have to right-click on the moon to be able to warp to the moon mining point \o/ Sorry I didn’t get back to you all immediately but thanks for your advice :slight_smile: we now have a functioning refinery. BTW I right clicked on the moon in the overview not the satellite itself.


Glad I could help

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