Moon Mining Probes

Hello all I’m currently trying to get into moon mining but I’m currently stuck with the survey probes whenever I launch one it comes back with no items so I thought some moons might not have any resources so I’ve now done it over 20 times and still nothing. So after the 4th probe I thought I was doing something wrong so I searched on different websites e.g and I was doing everything that it said I was aligning to the moon and so on but still no results. So I’m hoping someone knows how to fix this or whatever.

it works perfecly for me so i suppose you did somethg wrong. Correct probes? correct alignment? etc

I have Survey Probe Launcher 1 & Discovery Survey Probe 1 & I have correct alignment only thing I can think of is maybe I have the wrong ship is their a certain ship you need for surveying?

What was the security status of the system you were in?

I don’t think the moons above 0.5(?) have ores seeded.

that is correct, also hisec moons are complete waste ATM.

no specific ship is required. You can use a covert op, a ceptor, a t3c, etc. People try to balance between cargo space (probes=large volume) and safety (cloak/nullified etc)

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