Scanning Moons

Hey All,
Just wondering if the probes can be recovered when scanning moons ? and if not is there a easier ( Cheaper) way of scanning so many moons? I have over 100 in our Wormhole and am trying to find the best moon to anchor our Athanor so that we get what we need in the chunk that we pull up. Or do you just un-anchor and move to another moon when you want something different? ( seems a hassle )

Survey probes are one time use. Each moon requires you to spend one probe.

you anchor a moon blaster at each moon you wish to mine. yes this requires multiple athanors and more fuel haulage.
100 moons? that could be very profitable if your corp is so inclined.

There are 3 types of moon probes.
And here you choose whether you want it cheap or fast.

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