2 Athanor for 1 moon?

Like the title, can we setup more than 1 athanor for only 1 moon and mining it ?

No, you cannot. In order to moon mine a moon, the Athanor needs to be within a certain distance around the moon mining beacon (250km around it if I remember correctly). If an Athanor is at that distance around a beacon, no other Athanor can be placed close enough to the beacon to mine the moon.

Are you asking or suggesting?

If asking, no, you cannot. You can only anchor at a moon mining beacon and there is only one beacon per moon.

If suggesting, then why?

Yes and no.

There’s a single area near a moon where you can do moon mining. One one structure can be anchored in that space.

You can anchor another athanor near the moon, but it has to be at least 1000km away from the first. And thus cannot moon mine.

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Moon mining was concidered as a conflict driver. Thats why you can not "setup more than 1 athanor for only 1 moon and mining it "

thanks for everyone answer! i just want to ask because i saw some corp setup alot of athanor around 1 moon!

That makes sense. I have seen that in low sec. Just assumed the combined three or so athanors were giving the owners more return than one tatara would.

The tatara gives better yield bonuses etc, but would still cost twice as much as three athanors and only gives 5 service slots whereas the combined athanors would give 9.

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