Where can an Athanor be placed?

Recently I just found one in high sec, so I wanted to know, which systems are available to set down an athanor?

Are there system requirements while in high sec for the Athanor to be placed?

PS, found it in 0.5 system.

They can be placed anywhere.

However, if you want to use them to mine moons, they must be placed within a few hundred kilometres of a moon’s Mining Point. Currently, this part only works in lowsec, and nullsec. It’s expected that in Q1 2018 it’ll be expanded out to 0.5 space, and w-space too.

They can be placed anywhere, but for them to have their original purpose and moon mine is only low and null?

They serve two purposes:

  1. Moon mining,
  2. Reactions.

As you have said, moon mining is only in Low and Null. This is expected to change in the future.

My understanding of Reactions is currently a little hazy, so I’ll refrain from making statements about that.

You forgot about ore/ice compression and refining. Reactions are limited to low/nullsec.

Didn’t forget at all. Deliberately left them off because they can be done in any Upwell structure.

Reactions and Moon Shooting are unique to Refineries.

There’s an irony here, the Refinery is a bit of a misnomer.

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