WTB Moon Mining Athanor in Lonetrek/Citadel area

WTB anchored Athanor at beacon for moon mining, rigged or unrigged is fine. Please reply here or in-game to Jo Messier with price, fit, location, and scan results with Fuzzworks moon evaluator results. Will buy more than one if multiple moons available. Thx -

To the top, take my ISK

Bump - still looking

Hey shoot me a game mail I may be able to help.

I have a few athanors and a raitaru not being used anchored on good moons in the forge.

I hate a Athanor in Lonetrek rigged. below is the fitting.

[Athanor, Athanor]

Standup M-Set Moon Drilling Efficiency II
Standup M-Set Moon Drilling Stability I
Standup M-Set Moon Ore Grading Processor II

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Sent you an in-game mail if you are still looking for moons.

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