WTS Upto 3 Athanors for sale

I would like to sell 3 of my Athanors due to spending less time in game now. I would prefer to sell as they are and where they are which is in High sec in The Forge region. All set up in 0.5 system and all three fitted the same (listing only what is necessary)

Stand up Moon Drill 1
Stand up Reprocessing Faciliity 1
Standup M-Set Moon Drilling Stability 1

Then the third citadel also has Stand up M-Set Asteroid ore grading processor 1

Athanor one provides the following mine-able ores: Dazzling Spod, Opulent Pyrox, Pellucid Crokite and Sylivite

Athanor two provides the following mine-able ores: Brilliant Gneiss, Lustrous Hedb and Sylivite

Athanor three provides the following mine-able ores: Flawless Arkonor, Pellucid Crokite, Stable Veld and Coesite

2 of the Athanors I am asking 1.5 billion each for and the third (with Stand up M-Set Asteroid ore grading processor 1 fitted) I want 2.2 billion for due to the cost of the last rig.

If anyone wants to buy all three I will let them all got for 4.75 billion.

I will transfer ownership of the citadel/s once isk has been received OR I have spoken with a friend who plays and he is willing to act as a go between OR if you would like someone like Cribba to act as a third party then I do not mind but it is at your expense.

If anyone is interested in any or all then please mail me in game or mail my main character (preferable) who is Mine Veldspar.

Any other fittings fitted to the citadel will remain fitted and you get free.

I get roughly 1.5 billion isk worth of ore or roughly 1.75 billion worth of minerals per week from mining these three citadels.

This post will run until Friday 21st and if they’re not sold by then I will be dismantling them so open to offers til then

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Contact me … willing to get them NOW…

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All 3 sold

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