WTS: 3x Athanor anchored (one rigged) firesale

I have some structures for sale in a 0.5 Caldari system close to Jita, we’re moving to WH space and want to offload them fast. Already anchored and fitted, ready to go, just needs fuel.

(SOLD) 2x unrigged Athanor w/ ECM/neuts and moon drill, 650mil each
(FOR SALE) 1x T1 asteroid processing rig Athanor w/ same fit, 1bil

Evepraisal of all structures: https://evepraisal.com/a/lin1w

Must go quickly, excellent location with decent quality moons!

How do i contact you?

Feel free to convo me in-game or mail me if I don’t respond to convo.

Kelsie Ray

Two unrigged athanors are sold via Elizabeth Norn third party structure transfer service.

The rigged Athanor for 1.1bil is still for sale! Excellent ore content:

Bitumens 0.24
Brilliant Gneiss 0.36
Dazling Spodumain 0.4

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