WTS Rig'd High Sec Raitaru & Athanor

We are looking at permanently relocating to an alternate site. I would like to sell a raitaru and an athanor instead of destroying the rigs. The fitting and appraisal values are below. Located in gallente space near the warzone.

Raitaru Appraisal
Sale Price : 2.4b

Athanor Appraisal
Sale Price : 2.2b
Located on a Crokite/Kernite/Bitumen Moon.

I have 2 other locations held in the same system with arkanor/bistot combinations.

I will look at a third party to broker the transfer using Peta Chieve

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Still For Sale

Athanor and Rait still available.

We are on final call. Decommissioning has commenced. If you are interested put your offers on the table before 5 days from now. After that its hard to say if we can get my 3rd party to assist on the transfer.

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