Selling Athanor @51% Ore Reprocessing in 0.5 sec System Close to Jita

The refinery placed at a perfect location for moon mining with very good ore. It has all service modules available which are: Moon Drill, Reprocessing Facility, Cloning Center. It also has all required security modules installed including a high amount of missiles so you can keep it safe from attacks. Fuel it’s loaded in a generous amount.
The setup is perfect and given the fact that all these modules, fuel, missiles, takes allot of space to transport and setup, not given the fact that is hard to find a good moon then this is a very good deal. The price tag is 3.8 Billion ISK which is very fair i guess. If you are interested, then please contact me via EVE-Mail in game.

The ore you can get: Brilliant Gneiss, Coesite, Cubic Bistot, Dazzling Spodumain

SALE still open.

Depending on the Rig the base yield is either 51% for T1 Rig or 53% with T2 Rig.

Yes, sorry, was showing 54 reprocessing because also of my skills. It’s 51% real. Thanks for pointing it out.

ingame offer sent and accepted


Still available since we didn’t close the sale.

SALE still open.

SALE still open.

UP for SALE!

i still want it. we just got to be online at the same time

Still available. Haven’t heard anything back from you. If still interested contact me ingame.

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