Looking for Industrial Corps who want to mine top shelf HS moons

Currently, I have a moon available worth more than 4b per month.

I am offering this moon on the open market please contact me in-game to arrange extraction in your timezone. Below you will find the ore composition.

| Coesite | 0.219810456|45493 |
| Flawless Arkonor | 0.7801895142|46678 |

To clarify, do you want to transfer the Athanor or Tatara to a corp or do you just want to sell the “rights” to mine the belt?

Please provide more details in what you are proposing? Station rental? Just scheduling extraction times?


I reached out in game. He wants to sell the Athanors themselves.

Sorry. I thought this thread had died. Station access and extraction times are negotiable. The Athanors for sale were for a quick cash injection.

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