High sec Moon Rental

Hello there, im looking for ppl interested in renting a HS moon.
ATM is ona 2 week cycal

|Coesite|758,109 m³|67,206,395 ISK|
|Cubic Bistot|1,892,738 m³|246,739,780 ISK|
|Glossy Scordite|2,407,218 m³|257,411,872 ISK|
|Platinoid Omber|1,759,011 m³|101,964,037 ISK|

If intrested contact me ingame.

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How can you rent out something you dont own?

im looking for ppl who want to rent the moon, not ppl to trol on forums

but if u want to play like that I already have a station on this moon, now looking for ppl who want to mine off it.

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but as Malachite suggested, and as it has been regulaly said on this forum, owning a moon-anchored athanor does not mean that you own the moon. Except if you are able to prevent other people to come and mine it for free

well that’s the easy part, if ppl show up to mine, oops, I turn everything off
no ore, no problem

Um… so what happens to the poor people that are paying you to rent the moon, they’re just sol?

Also, I think you’ll find it doesn’t quite work like that… but best of luck with your endeavors.


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its a poor moon too…

have you not got thingy better those moons or pretty ■■■■

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