How to own the moon?

There’s an easy solution how to own a moon.

You rent the job of the Athanor. The renter requests a job, say set the cycle to this time and date.

They pay you.

You set the cycle.

End of story…what happens to the goo after that is up to the person who paid for the moon to pop.

Otherwise just dont run the Athanor.

You can’t, per say, own moons, if you have anchored a refinery at the moon-mining beacon you can control if it’s extracting or not, for as long as your structure stays in place. The asteroid belts generated by a Refinery are governed by the same mechanics that a normal asteroid belt you can find anywhere else in the galaxy, it can be mined by anyone with the right equipment (a.k.a. FFA).


So after posts on PI, battle orcas, null sec, here is Alistair’s one on moon mining
Your title is confusing, since it has been extensively said everywhere, including by devs, that you don’t own a moon. You can own an athanor, but as long as you are able to defend it . And you can try to keep other people from mining the moon ore generated by your athanor, if you have the power (friends, ganking, bumping, mining it very quickly etc). But you don’t own anythg, except the athanor itself
So either 1) it is another troll, like the post about “null sec are cowards, they don’t come to low sec to do real pvp”, or 2) you really think what you wrote and then i suggest you to “turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking”, as we say in French (i think i also heard something similar in “Bambi” a long time ago…)
I think that 1) is the good choice, but…

@Alistair_Atreides I think you need to make the original post a little more clear. Otherwise, you are going to continue to have people yelling at you that you cannot, indeed, own a moon.

I find it a little disappointing that the respondents thus far (with the exception of Andre, possibly) have failed to realise this is his response to this thread after swearing at everyone in his response in that thread (hope he keeps up the good work, surely that will force people to recognise his knowledge & prowess!)

So to save OP some time I’ll just drop this here (cause eventually it will come down to):

Basically sums it up.


Anyone interested in renting my Alistair moon? He’ll be cracking soon so salt rocks will be available to mine.

Contact with serious offers only.


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Let them look stupid

Are you aware of the difference between “ownership” and “possession”?

you know, Alistair, i found your previous posts in other threads amusing… weird and most often containing mistakes but at least amusing… some sort of entertainment
Now that you are convinced that you are right and start talking like that, you are not fun anymore. I am disappointed.
You are aware that CCP devs themselves stated that you “cannot own a moon”?
You can play with words about concepts. The reality is that you try to rent somethg that you don’t own (the moon). You can, of course, get isks from naive people who would think that they will buy the right to mine a moonbelt, and then will find out that other people come and mine the ore they paid for. This will be more a sort of scam. But no, i am sorry, you don’t own a moon.

OP your title is misleading and unfortunately everyone is focused on it.

I do agree with your idea to avoid the hassles of trying to manage and defend the ore from moon mining by just renting it. If there is a market for it.

It’s irrelevant to this game. You own whatever you can keep other people from having

I love doing that. On purpose. It shows how dumb they are

which is the exact definition of a troll, isn’t it? posting something wrong or exaggerated with the intention to make people react.
That’s what i said earlier. Your initial posts were fun to me and you were trying to discuss about mechanisms. Now you are a pure troller. I am disappointed, and, since feeding the troll is stupid, i won’t read your posts anymore, nor react. But eve forum will be a little bit more boring for me now.


You can’t own a moon. There is no mechanism in the game to make you own a moon yet. “Own” has a very specific meaning (refers to legal notice) and as such applies to moons as much as “breath” applies to the color yellow.
You can distort the reality as much as you want, it will still be completely wrong and will only have meaning for the people who accept to have distorted reality.

Don’t feed the troll. There is no “market” because anybody can come and go as they please to another persons athenor and mine from it, with the risk of being ganked for mining it… but there is no way for someone to actually hold on to something like that, and rent it out, when they don’t own it…

But no one can come and go as they please to pop the moon.

you don’t OWN THE F’N MOON. you own the athanor, but not the moon. not the same thing.

if i didn’t know any better, id almost think this was Salvos

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Same difference

C’mon man, you said it yourself…

Just let it be :slight_smile: