WTS - Refinery

Athanor Refinery in position for moon mining the following ores:-

Located in 0.5 System , Aclan

Glistening Zeolites & Glistening Sylvite

With Standup Moon Drill 1 installed

Make your offer

Once isk transferred , I will transfer ownership


1 Bill ono ?

Station + Mining Drill + 2 weeks of fuel

Item still up for sale, bids starting at 850m please

bargin buy for an anchored station, need quick sale , give me an offer

Confirming offer of 950m isk for buyout.

Isk will be sent after transfer.

Offer accepted, please come online to accept transfer and transfer isk, also make sure corp is ready to recieve new station.

Also please state Corp for station to be transferred too here

Please transfer to corp “Pandora Unchained”

Isk ready after transfer.

ownership trasferred

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