SOLD Raitaru in high sec

(Mantra Jones) #1

Hi, i am having serious problems with My internet Connection lately, Interested in sell an installed raitaru in a quiet High sec System in Heimatar, only rig is the compression One.

Because my internet Problem, i am in the process of leaving My current alliance, and cant drop my corporation just now. I plan to jump High sec for transfer soon, but i like more the idea of give u WEDNESDAY my corporation when i drop alliance.

Any question send me an evemail.

(Ore Purchasing Service) #2

Interested. Seek me online please. Normally i enter in the evenings or nights in US Time Zone.

(Mantra Jones) #3

I go to do so.

(Ore Purchasing Service) #4

as we spoke in chat, Its a deal.

I will send the Isk in the night, and i get the corporation tomorrow with the raitaru anchored.

I understand the corporation is in war now, etc etc.

(Mantra Jones) #5

Thanks for the Deal. Already delivered.

(system) #6

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