Are moon survey probes single use?

Are moon survey probes single use or are can the be recalled and reused?

They are single use, like other ammo that you launch into space. Scanner probes, however, can be recalled.

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Thank you.

… but anyway they already tested all moons,
so survey probes production is not profitable…

There was a week or two back when moon mining changed that there was big money in probes.

Have to keep your ear to the ground and plan ahead to take advantage of those times.

It seems I missed that one. Can you link it to me please ?

I’m sorry, dont understand. What is it you would like me to link to you?

that one.

1 of the patched changed moon mining to be an active activity and not a passive one. in that same patch all moons got a reset with what materials are in there so all moons in new eden had to be probed again.

These days it’s pretty much done and there is a lot of public information if you google around. until they shuffle moon mining again probes wont sell very much.

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Did he answer your question?

I’m still not sure what you want me to link to you…
Do you want the dev blog with the moon mining changes from last year?

Market data on moon probes from last year?

You really need to be more specific

AFAIK the moon change was more than one week or two. it was something like one year or two.

I was talking about the window to make large profit margins on the probes.

i dont see any
last spike nov 2018

The moons were reseeded with lifeblood in October of 2017.

Why would you be looking for a spike in moon probes after November of ‘18???

If I remember, there were also three different moon probes. Not just the one you linked.

Look at all three and look back at summer of 2017 to the end of the year if you wanted to see what I was talking about.

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