Refinaries in WH SPACE... Now?

(Conar) #1

Can a refinery be placed in a WH or do we still need to wait until Q1 for the mining becon to be seeded?

If it can be placed, how do you find a valid location?

(Piugattuk) #2

I do believe they can be placed, but as far as where, that’s a good question, at this time in WH space there is no way to “prescan” at this time, when I’ve scanned moons in high sec on tranquility I get a blank, if I do it on the test server I get readings, problem is that the reading will not be accurate, CCP is still working out what will be the final and any reading off the test servers will surely change and cannot be seen as future fact.

(Do Little) #3

Refineries only need a specific location if you intend to use a moon drill. There are no placement restrictions for hybrid reactions or reprocessing - other than those that apply to all Upwell structures.

If you want to do moon mining in WH, you’ll need to wait until that capability is added to the game.

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