Distance of Moon belt to refinery


Is it a possiple idea to move the belt created by fracturing the moon chunck a little further away from the refinery?
In that way you can warp back from the belt to the refinery and back without needing to bounce to another place and back.
Or is the palcement intentional?



The placement is intentional.

Makes it a little riskier as you can’t just warp straight back to the refinery.

just create a bm inside the docking range of refinery (minus 2500m), opposite to the belt. it’s always warpable from the belt.

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what is stopping me from warping to somewhere else?
Why not just to the refinery?

can’t initiate warp is the target is less than 150km away.

It depends where it is. You can be followed or bubbled.

Ccp’s reasoning was in the dev blog when they were released.

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The belt is 100km from the Refinery. You fly 50km behind the refinery. That will be 150km from the belt. Make a Bookmark there and name it “Dock50” Warp to that Bookmark but use warp to within 50km. And that way you can warp only 100km, and dock up instantly.
The citadel will not go anywhere. And the belt will most probably be at the same location every timeas well. So you only need to have 1 boomark.

This trick works pretty good if you need to warp less than 150km fro any reason.

as I previously wrote :

What you wrote makes no sense tho. From the belt. The citadels docking range will be at 100km. Minus 2500m and you make a bookmark 102.5km from the belt which still wont be usable.

Nope you read that in a wrong way. The citadel docking range is a sphere centered on the center of the citadel, within which you can dock in the citadel at any time. I think it’s 30 ish km radius. So when the citadel is said to be at 100km, that is only true for the closest part of the docking range sphere ; the opposite point of the sphere will be at 100 +30+30 = 160km. SO if you reach this opposite point minus 2.5km you still are at 157.5 km from the belt. The 2.5km is because your warp can deviate from the original destination by this (actually less) distance.

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Good. So maybe next time you can write a reply like that straight away and expalin how you would actually do it.

so maybe next time you learn to read before your reply.

And since you are being a bitch, no way I would do anything for you.

You are not doing this for me. Guy didnt know this trick and asked why the citadel is so close. To improve that we gave him solutions.

Altho this is just random glibberish to someone who doesnt know this trick. Thats why i did a clarification on it an explained in details whats needed to be done. To which you replied offensively as you already “Did mention it”. From this point its not my fault you get offended because you couldnt explain something right away.

no, it’s just exactly what you have to do. Just because you misread it does not mean it’s not correct.
I used a very concise explanation of WHAT to do and not WHY to do be sure people who are not bitching can do it easily, by skipping the useless explanations.

I am not offended because you don’t understand, I’m offended because you tell me what to do while you have no idea what I was doing.

Thats what im talking about. If i exactly follow what you wrote frist i will end up having a bookmark 130km from it or 129 km from it since thoose are still in the docking zone of the citadel. And they will be all opposed to the Belt minus 2500m.

And you are not helping me who knows how to warp less than 100km. You are helping everyone who doesnt. And thoose ppl wont know from this what you want from them.

Its like expaining how A works using B to someone who doesnt know either A or B.

PS This is the place where there are no “Useless expalantions”

no you won’t. Read again,

You just suck at reading.
Do exactly as I said and you won’t have an issue. Do any other way and you may have an issue.

Try to pretend there needed more explanation is just you not accepting your misread my post.

You are just bitching about how you suck at reading.
If you think that will bring anything constructive …

Yes there are. The more explanations I give the more people are lost into what is an explanation and what is a how-to. So I give an how-to and later I can explain the reason of the why (of the why, ho yeah)

There is a thing called “information overload” which is a barrier to new players in eve online (because it’s poorly designed for beginners), the more explanations you give the less your audience can memorize them. So give most important, and most generic, information, before explanations and specific cases.
eg “interesting WH relic sites are found in C1-C3 and have a faction name, but not ‘covert research’, in their name.” . No need to explain that NS relic sites can be spawned inside CA -C3 wh, that covert research are “ghost site” that can deal 50k ehp , that sleeper cache need specific fits, that sleeper relic sites are guarded, that data sites are average crap,

Also “orbit when you are fighting a bigger target, or when you are in a missile ship ; keep at range (optimal+falloff)/2 vs smaller target when you are in a turret ship”. No need to explain that missile damage function does not consider the angular, that your angular is actually the same as the opponent’s, that being at (optimal+falloff)/2 you actually deal 90% of your dps. They won’t remember all of these, actually they won’t remember anything. You need to teach people 2, 3 things at most, and make them practice that, then teach them 2, 3 more things, and practice that, practice the previous thing , rinse and repeat.

Considering, I make a bm when I mine, behind the structure, I understood what Anderson meant. Its logic. Everybody has different ways to explain it. But also, when you undock, every rock should be at least 150 km from station.

I’m not sure if anyone could help you.

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