Unanchoring a citadel

If I unanchor my citadel will I have to have a bookmark of the location or can I just warp to it from the overview?
(if it’s already gone 7 days)

Not sure, i would assume you would need to bookmark it yourself, as other people will no doubt have done if they noticed it was unanchoring just incase you “forgot” to collect it :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to create a spot in space bookmark. If you bookmark the citadel, that does not work once the structure unanchors… Or at least that is what was suggest as happens now based on the future structurw changes presentation in Vegas.

If I dont have a bm I can only scan it down through d-scan?

No. You would use combat probes and an expanded probe launcher.

As ive heard once it’s gone 7 days it will be a cargo container and as far as I know you cant probe those down?

With good skills, the proper ships, and implants I think you can. It’s tough but doable.

That said, where did you anchor it? Was it on a moon or planet grid? Is there a close celestial object you could warp to?

What a jetcan?

Ok so apperently they do not go into a jetcan but stay as the citadel once it’s unanchored(bug?).
If anybody knows then my question is so do they show up on the sensor overlay at all/overview or will they have to be probed down?

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