If I anchor a secure container in space can it be scanned down using combat probes?

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I am new on EVE and it is my first post. Sorry for any mistake or if I am reposting something old,If I anchor a secure container in space can it be scanned down using combat probe?
I warped to the bookmark but the container was not in place

Eve University claims that cargo containers can not be scanned down.

Combat scan probes can find structures, ships, and drones. Wrecks, cargo containers, and cloaked ships cannot be scanned with probes.


An anchored container will decay in 30 days, so if you’ve not refreshed that timer in a while this may be why you can’t find it. I am not sure if interacting with it resets the timer or if you have to pick it up and anchor it again to refresh that timer.


An anchored container in space can be found entirely without probes.

  1. spot the location and distance from the star with the directional scanner as close as possible.
  2. find some celestials or already existing bookmarks (u can also use anomalies or signatures) to create a warp-path that allow you to make more bookmarks in a direct line from any celestial ‘behind’ the suspected container location.
  3. warp between the celestial and the new bookmark, creating another bookmark even closer to the container.
  4. repeat step 3. until you get to the grid of the conainer or have it on Dscan in less than 10.000km. Can take a while.
  5. Use a fast Interceptor or Frig and just burn towards the container until you can see it on the overview.
  6. Bookmark it. Warp to it. Destroy it.

While this is absolutely true, one should not underestimate the difficulty of finding a container at a good safe spot. Very few are willing to attempt it. Those that do so successfully have certainly earned their loot.

So for OP, yes it is true they can’t be probed. While they are not completely safe, they are pretty safe to use. I routinely operate with anchored containers as a supply/loot cache in hostile space, and I have never had anyone find one of mine.


Was it actually anchored or just jettisoned? Because after deploying it you have to anchor it too. Also it depends on system sec rating whether it can actually be anchored or not.

Also if you launch for corp not just for self then anyone in the same corp can unanchor it if I recall correctly though not 100% sure on that one.

Also if you anchor it beyond hisec there will be no CONCORD to protect it if someone finds it so only place it at such a location that is impossible to reach without a bookmark or as close to impossible as you can get.

It does. You open it and the timer resets. You can check by showing info on the container and seeing its expiration days left.


Thanks, I felt fairly sure it worked that way but I did not want to risk leading someone astray with an assumption so I proclaimed my ignorance hoping someone else would know the answer with certainty and share it with us.

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