Secure containers

How exactly do secure containers work? As a test, I put a password on one, put something in it and deployed it, for self, in space. when i had an an alt come by later, the test object was already gone. Also, the alt was able to scoop it without putting in a password, tho it did seem to need the password when as a test I had the alt put in a new password. Thanks.

this should help you out.

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Things don’t last long unless they are anchored - the cleaners in New Eden are very efficient!

Work perfectly if you anchor it properly…


Here is how they work (if you haven’t found out yet).

  1. You “Launch for Self” when in space
  2. Right-click > Anchor (will take a little time)
  3. Right-click > Set Password, now it’s secure

Thanks all for the responses - it was the right click on the already deployed part I was missing.

This is half off topic here :grin: but I noticed on my profile page there is a category for solved. Is there a way I can mark this question/topic/thread as solved? Thanks.

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