Make secure containers hackable

After 24/48/72 hours. Whatever time limit. Make secure containers hackable. This will help with clutter around warp gates and other areas. Also it would make for a fun game mechanic.


not a bad idea, as long as hacking them causes issues for the hacker as in perhaps a suspect timer :rofl:


Placed or Accessed?

No destroy them and have loot drop like any other can, 50/50. If its in high sec around a gate its gate spam with messages and a war dec handles it, in low gate guns are tankable and in null its not an issue.

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Im going to venture a guess that you’ve never shot one before, those things have millions of HP’s


Hrrrm I’d say Not hackable at all for first 24 hrs.
Hackable with suspect timer for 24-48 hr
then Hackable with no suspect after 48hr.

You could even make it so you can claim the container itself on a high enough “good enough” hack.
Also with this mechanic you could add larger deployable secure cargo containers.
Also Also You don’t have to stop at cargo containers. Offline POS or random bubble anybody?

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This is a good question.
If it’s just Placed then you’d have to pick it up and put it back down every 24hrs (or however long) to keep it from being hacked.
If it’s accessed then all you have to do is open it up every 24 (or however long) which is much easier.

So then lower the hps and clean up space.

@thread basically the issue is you want to get rid of them without much effort. You already cant scan down any that are hidden off, if you do happen to find one some other way those would be the only ones that might hold stuff in them. Ones on gates or other places wont have anything in them for the most part and are advertisements.

So what are you trying to accomplish with this idea anyway? A dps free way of destroying a can?

I see problems with this that need to be figured put before this can be a full fledged mechanic…

In the normal hacking mini-game, you have 2 tries. If you fail both, the container is destroyed or rendered inaccessible. In fact, the container has 2 tries. If I fail the first, leave, and you fail once, the container is destroyed.

How would it work for secure containers? Could people just keep hacking till they get the container open? Would there be a lockout time if 2 failed attempts occur so no one can get in or only those who anchored? Or would you have to keep a list of who tried?

And how do you prevent exploits? I mean if it gets destroyed, people could just fail 2 hack attempts and not worry about the EHP. If all are locked out, people could do that constantly to deny any one access.

Also, what about notification? After all it is secure. Should I get some notice or no? Notice on a fail only? I get a notice if it is shot, so what about this?

I just noticed the OP specified hacking, I would not use the hacking skill on this, maybe in the past but now that it has the silly fad based mini game, no. Nothing should be done with hacking until the mini game is removed.

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Why? It’ not a bad mini game. Makes life better than just orbiting yhe can while you wait for a random number generator to roll your way. Plus the loot spew mechanic is long gone (thank god!)


Nothing wrong with the mini-game, makes it so that people need to do something to get ISK, yeah, I know, hard concept to understand.

On 2 failed tries the timer can extend a set amount of time (become unhackable for say 1hr) and or it can let off a self defense pulse (Smartbomb?) that would only affect the person doing the hacking (Or AOE if not in HS)

I think it wouldn’t be hard to have a button to check to either have or ignore notifications for them.

I’m also not opposed to them updating the hacking game. I don’t dislike minesweeper in space but I’d be ok with some type of update if it improved the mechanic.

Oh I didn’t know they removed this, this was what I hated.

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hacking container;

secure containers should be harder than your average data/relic can

2 tries, second failed attempt only results in being locked out.

Unless owner has booby trapped… :wink:

Sorry fellow Eve Players but I’m gonna have to say NO to the idea of Hacking into a Secure Container that’s anchored. It’s Secure and it’s Anchored. If there’s an excessive amount causing a bunch of lag, report it to CCP… I don’t see a lot of them anchored at Gates anyway.

However what I do see is a crap-ton of Mobile Depots in reinforced mode all over the place. Hell, I had to remove them from my Overview because there’s way too many. CCP should never have allowed them to be anchored anywhere on Station and Gate grids.


I have even better idea. Make secure containers, citadels, mobile depots and MTUs equippable with security modules with firewall scripts written by players personally with basic scripting language provided by CCP. Then player who would want to hack container would equip special hacking module with script loaded that would be written by hacker to attack the secured cans firewalls.

Basic scripting language would have to be simple but complicated, easy to learn but hard to understand, readable but vague. :rofl:

Sounds simpler and easier (and safer) to just not implement this in the first place… especially considering CCP (can’t code properly). I bet if they implemented this somehow russian botters could access legacy code and make asteroid belts warp to their citadels so their mining fleets can mine while being tethered. :laughing:

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Or could make their citadels warp around and jump thru wormholes. :joy:

Sounds like a good way to insta-collapse wh exits. There would be quite a lot of happy people if this was a thing… and the opposing people would grab the pitchforks. Sounds like a win-win scenario. :slight_smile: