Hacking Container Rules

Is it normal for people to be able to steal the contents from a hacked container you just hacked? I’m getting mixed responses from the in-game help chat.

I hacked an event site container and when I went to loot it nothing was there. I had previously scanned this container and I know something was inside. I definitely hacked it as I got event credit for the hack. There was another player sitting right next to me as I hacked. I was unaware this was even possible. I’m more disappointed that they aren’t required to go suspect to steal.

Anything goes, if someone is better/smarter/faster/better informed than you then they will end up with the goodies.


That’s definitely EVE. That’s why I like it.


Well, EVE would definitely be better if I could shoot the thief. :wink:

Odd that looting a wreck will cause someone to go suspect, but stealing items that someone else hacked is not. I guess I’ll just roll up and start stealing people’s stuff since there is apparently no claim on hacking containers; all reward with no risk or consequence.


Yeah, maybe 5% of empire containers are empty from the get go. I’ve seen them in sites that have spawned while I was the only person in local. Bring a cargo scanner if you can afford the slot
(edit - i missed “event” site, sorry, havent seen empty containers in them)


I agree. If “anything” goes then anyone should be able to shoot anyone anytime for any reason.

I agree again. Some of the rules in EVE make no sense. But at the same time you can take advantage of that, too.

Sounds like a plan to me.
In a world like EVE, better be the aggressor. It’s just like war. Better be a soldier, at least you have a weapon to defend yourself with while all the civilians can do is die.

That would be indeed interesting because normal relic and data site containers cannot be looted by anyone else but the hacker. You should ask CCP for clarification on this because it would be a hidden change to the expected system that they did not announce or talk about anywhere. Such a change clearly goes against their mantra of a better, easier and streamlined experience of the game.

If it is indeed possible to loot someone else’s hacked hacking container, the ninja looter should absolutely go suspect for stealing the loot. But I guess, while CCP can change this one paradigm of allowing stealing from your hacked container, they won’t be able to change the crime watch flag settings because of their coding quality. :slight_smile:

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Sounds more like they had already hacked the container, the mechanics prevent you from accessing the contents without having hacked it and there isn’t anything that prevents you from having to hack a can someone else has already hacked

You cannot hack an already hacked container. You also cannot hack a container that is being hacked currently.

This happens when you try to access a hacked container:

This happens when you try to hack an already hacked container:

This is in a normal relic site. If this is not the case in the event sites, CCP willfully and maliciously changed this paradigm and forgot to tell people about it.
However, at least for the null sec data sites, I can’t hack or loot already hacked containers either. The same error messages show up. So, no idea what happened to the OP.


If this occurs in a starter career mission or a cosmos/epic arc; wait 10 minutes or so. The content will respawn

edit: just reread the OP. It clearly states “eventsite”. My bad.

I just did a quick test in an event data site and was not able to simultaneously hack a can another player was already hacking, nor could I loot from the can they had just hacked. Seems consistent with normal sites.

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Hmmm. I will contact customer support about this.

Right but was that can hacked by another player, i know you don’t need to hack a can that you’ve already hacked

If another player hacked the container, you should not be able to open it. The game would give you the notification in the second picture.

Once a container is looted (emptied) it disappears almost immediately. So if a site has 5 containers, I hack 2 of them and leave, then come back later I will only see 3 containers.

I have found empty containers but I don’t think it means someone else has looted it first.

Never found an empty event site container though. Always had something, no matter how little.

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I remember once I was in a hacking race on one can, so I think two players can hack a container at same time, the one finishing it first will get the loot.

Yeah i’ve hacked an empty can in the event site just the other day :slight_smile:

And i’ve never seen the cans despawn in the site either, they still show up on my overview just fine, unless you have some strange filter thats not showing empty containers on your overview

hacked containers disappear from the overview of the character who hacked them but remain visible (in a dark grey color) in the brackets. You change that in the Overview Settings’ Exceptions tab at the bottom: “Wreck is already viewed” and “Wreck is empty”. I think they are set to hide by default.

That must have been under the old system without the grid. This is what the game tells you if you try to activate a hacking module on a container that is being hacked at the moment:


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Only if you have the dumb hide setting enabled, its never been enabled on my overview so my cans always show up, this isn’t despawning the cans though anyway

Could be you just scanned the other one and mixed it with this one. You can do that when in hurry.