Ship theft

I’ve tried play EVE solo and I faced a few mechanics that ruined my gameplay.
Let me explain one of them. I prefer mining way in EVE and what I tried:

I faced the Venture cargo is so small.
I decided bring second ship to the belt. It was hauler that provide me to contain my loot and deliver it to station one time per 1-2 hours.
It was perfect solution as I thought, but…
Some another player just stole my hauler. I’m fine with opportunity of being robbed, but I want to be able to protect my property. But I can’t.
I’m solo player, so I live in the high sec.
According the high sec rules I can’t hit another players if they nave no the criminal mark.
So, player who stole my hauler didn’t get this mark. All that I can - watch my hauler is docking to hangar of this player. I can’t stop it…

As I see it, the solution is:
Just mark player with crime mark when player have stole my ship.

It was wonderful if we create a new module that make access to ship with a password like as secure containers. It will make my ships weaker but protect it.

GM told me that developers are attentive to community and maybe my suggestion will be added to the game.

What do you think of this?

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Did you leave your hauler sitting there, and when you needed to haul all the loot to the station you would eject from your venture, and hop in the hauler and fly to the station and back?

Little tip You can not board a ship that has an active target lock


I didn’t know that, but that is good to know

You ejected your ship into space and abandoned it. What did you think was going to happen?


Right now?

Welcome to EVE! :sunglasses:



Creative approach! Sorry it didn’t work out. I recently tried this at a lowsec gas site, parking an unpiloted combat ship at a bookmark ~300km from the gas cloud.

Look in the Fleet Finder for public mining fleets, if you join a fleet with an Orca on grid, they almost always let you right click your ore and “Compress” and fit much, much more in your venture.

I support the idea of a Docking Port highslot module that accepts the following scripts:

  • Authorize FW Faction
  • Authorize Fleet
  • Authorize Corp
  • Authorize Alliance
  • Left unscripted, it defaults to Authorize Self.

A boarding attempt checks the last known module script and denies access to pilots who don’t meet the access control.


you’re right

I’m in Venture in 500 meters from my ship.
I expect that I can use warp disruptor at least.

Did you have a warp disrupter/scram fitted to your venture?

I have, but I can’t use it because this player have no crime mark

Oh, i forgot about that

This is why for 15 years people ejected ore into a Jetcan. Right click the ore and select “Jettison”. If people take from your jetcan they go suspect and you can legally shoot them as you activate a limited engagement timer.

People used to fill up a jetcan, dock their ship in a station, come back out in a hauler, collect the jetcan, and redock the hauler now full of ore. The only time ejecting a ship in space is OK is if you are in POS shields or are moving a Super across the universe and have 1 super char plus 1 cyno char at each system to make the hull go 5+ jumps without fatigue. Or if you get caught by the Wormhole Police and they tell you to step out of your vehicle.

So what have you learned from this experience? I’m assuming if you have not trained into larger ships that you are Alpha.
Sub to an omega, get larger ship that holds more ore, or bite the bullet and don’t mine solo

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Omega also lets you have your second pilot in the hauler

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ONLY if they have a second account that is also Omega




This is real, real dumb.


what needs to happen for ву

May you explain what you mean?
If I understand correctly I should keep my second ship in target lock and it makes impossible to board my ship?