Stealing Without Destruction

Why aren’t there more options to steal from other players without destroying them? I don’t wanna destroy the cargo ship, I just want its ■■■■. I am curious if there are more avenues of being a conventional rogue that isn’t just ninja salvaging.

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You could always attempt to ransom or extort them, although CCP took the fun out of that with the 3 minute warp timer thing…

Plausibly: against legal targets in hisec, and in lowsec/nullsec, you could tackle victims and extort them into jettisoning their cargoholds in exchange for safe passage, but this isn’t really feasible or worthwhile.

3 minute warp timer?
I haven’t played in a about 1.5 years. What happened?

Well, we used to be able to bump freighters and Orcas until the end of time or until the unfortunate pilot either paid the ransom or gave up and logged out. But, CCP has changed that to where if you initiate warp, you will warp in 3 minutes even if you are still being bumped.

You can, however, keep throwing suicide rookie ships at the intended victim and warp scramming them to reset that timer…

So EVE wants me to destroy and only destroy?
That’s silly. Plus, if you’re the type of person that feels more accomplished taking something without casualties or without people really noticing then you’re just kinda SOL.
Never even got a chance to use the mobile siphon units on AFK POS’s either. Guess I have to play a different game for that rush?

If you like free ice there are still miners who jetcan.
You can also steal mission loot/objectives and ransom those back.
Shooting MTU’s is another option, but may require some evasion if you don’t want combat (they can drop loot too)

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That was also due in part to being stuck in certain structures and not able to get out as well… If i recall that was more mentioned than the bumping aspect.

Have you tried webbing and neuting, then demanding they eject cargo/pod?

You could infiltrate a corp gain their trust and steal their ■■■■. But that requires a lot of social engineering skills

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You can also intercept cans that are being tractored towards an orca. Nice little extra challenge.

I loved doing this for a while. Helps easily identifying botters, too.
I just sat there, in between his orca and mining char, and let the can come to me. :slight_smile:

The best ore/hr comes from taking another miners’ ore.

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Well, i wonder why they did it. Maybe because this tactic prevented player from playing the game?
Being able to prevent someone from warping for hours (without a normal way to do something against it) is just a bad game design, and i assume they fixed it because of this.

I would have loved another solution. Ramming damage for the person who did the ram (and maybe even for the one that was rammed). And maybe even Concord actions when the damage is too high. And this would even result in other, funy, possibilities. But i guess it would have caused even more problems :smile:

It’s been discussed many times in the past, ramming damage comes with a couple of problems, the least of which is rooted in energy transference between objects and then there’s how do CCP code an algorithm that can discern between deliberate and accidental bumps.

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If I walk down the street, my wallet can be stolen by some crazy weirdo with a knife anytime. Eve should be nothing less than that experience.

CCP does not “protect” people by not offering those things. Instead the game becomes as shallow as the alpha damage of a tornado. If you could blackmail other people and be a real pirate, it would be SOOO MUCH more fun for all involved parties!

Everybody dreams about being a space pirate, why is there NO way to be a real pirate in eve? Someone that steals ships and cargo? A pirate means more than pressing F1 and loot.


You would need to be able to board an enemy ship to take it. And don’t see that ever happening in EVE since DUST died. And I don’t see any sci fi games coming out in the foreseeable future that would have that as a feature.

Piracy is stuck in the yo ho era.

Translation for those who have trouble making sense of this jibberish:

OP wants some mechanic beyond KM to incentivise the captured victim to see ejecting on demand as the best option, which is something I’ve heard about happening with tc3 pilots to avoid skill loss but not common.

Edit- I read Komi’s post above and thought it was op and new thread.

Bump mach + social engineering = ransom opportunity. Some people have raised this to an art form.

@Komi_Valentine @Kane_Blacktyde a lot of your points have already been addressed in prior conversation. You two really should have read the thread before simply agreeing to OP’s original post.

Also: Not sure why the thread was necroed after 17 days with a simple “I agree” without actually contributing to the discussion.

Not seeing any references to boarding, DUST, or yo hoing.

And I didn’t agree to anything?

Maybe your reading skills need some work.