Cant loot something in a container thats unlocked

I’m really confused, the container surrounds itself with a yellow outline when I try and open it, am I missing a module or is it something else?

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That means that the container belongs to someone else. In order too loot it, you’d have to become a suspect (be freely shootable to everyone for 15 minutes).

What actions you can take are determined by your safety setting, a little green/yellow/red light just to the right of your ships HUD. You can change the setting by clicking on the light.

  • While green, you can take no action which gives you a suspect or criminal flag (such as looting containers which don’t belong to you).
  • While yellow, you can take no action which gives you a criminal flag.
  • While red, you can take any action.

More on the EVE crimewatch system here:

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